Packaging materialsare made from a wide variety of products, each suitable for a different kind of packaging.

Materials for packaging are specially made keeping in mind a number of factors which includes cost effectives, purposes of use, availability of raw materials, durability, effectiveness and convenience of use. However, eco friendly packaging materials are currently high in demand and mostly preferred by companies as materials for packaging.

Here are some quick facts about how packaging materials are made available to us.

Bio Plastics

Bio plastics are a common form of packaging material, made from plants – thus being eco-friendly. The starch present in the plant is processed to make polymer. Bio-plastics are quite similar to conventional plastics that are available which makes them suitable for packaging. However, the good part is that these will not take a million years to degrade since these are easily renewable. These are renewable within three months where there are renewable facilities. Thus manufacturing bio plastics uses at least 50% less of non-renewable energy.

Recycled Paper and Paper Based Materials For Packaging

Paper is one of the most frequently used packaging material and when recycled paper is used, it contributes in diverting packaging material from filling up lands which has a negative effect on our biodiversity. Recycled paper helps in packaging, saves our forests from getting destroyed and also saves our environment from degradation, which is extremely important today. Paper has always been a popular form of packaging material. It is natural, biodegradable, quite stylish and used in many different ways in packaging as per need.

Paper based packaging materials are available in different forms as per needs. All such material generally originates in a board mill where board or paper is formed and given the shape of rolls or sheets. The most commonly found materials for packaging like boxboards, containerboards or kraft papers are generally made in kraft paper mills or in board.

Other specialized materials for packaging like labels, tags or envelopes which are also referred to as fine paper are manufactured in ground mills. In such a case packaging paper suitable for writing or printing is produced.

The rolls and sheets which are manufactured are then processed through a converter which works to transform the material into the needed packaging design. This is the step when we get finished products in the form of folding cartons, paper sacks, paper bags and corrugated containers. This kind of paper packaging can be easily creased, folded as per requirement, slotted easily and glued which is quite necessary in packaging.

If in this entire process there is any kind of waste material which is left out from conversion process (boxboard trims or corrugated clippings, it is assembled and then returned to the mills once again for new packaging.

Trusted Packaging Material – Glass

Glass is one of the most in used materials for packaging which is mainly preferred in packaging food products and medicines, all over the world. Glass is completely recyclable without any loss in its purity and quality. It is totally non porous and is impermeable which makes it suitable as a packaging material. Glass packaging ensures that there is no interaction between the packaging and the products inside –

ensuring complete retention of flavor of foods and beverages that are stored in glass containers. There is no bad after taste too which is quite important. Products which are inside glass bottles keep their flavor, aroma and complete strength.

Sustainable packaging materials are the latest in packaging technology and being adopted by most companies worldwide. Sustainable packaging comes with many advantages such as extensive reduction in environmental impact and increase in life cycle inventory. Sustainable packaging means more and better analysis of the packaging process, the documents, thinking more about the packaging design, selecting packaging material carefully and doing everything to lessen the carbon footprint, during the manufacturing process of the packaging material.

Packaging material is made keeping in fact a number of things which includes organizations targets and goals

. Different materials of packaging are gathered and are used for packaging purpose, taking into consideration the following factors.

  • Function– the main purpose of packaging material. Is it for product safety, protection or for regulator compliance?
  • Budget – Too much expensive packaging material might not be used. Cost friendly and effective are two important characteristics that need to be taken care of.
  • Materials used– What material should be used in packaging? Packages are manufactured with minimum use of materials, with reduced layers of packaging technology or with low volume technology.


Considering the importance of packaging materials, lot of care is taken to ensure that the available packaging material is the best and will be able to keep the product safe and secure during transit – till it reaches its final destination.

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