Caps are an essential addition to packaging for liquids. Used to seal the opening of a bottle, tube or jar to prevent liquid from escaping, caps also extend the shelf-life of liquid products, keeping them safely in their initial state until opened.

Caps have two main purposes: to keep products secure and prevent leaking for convenient transportation and storage, but also to provide efficient dispensing of liquids.

Who Uses Caps?

Caps are used for packaging across a variety of industries, from food and beverage packaging to pharmaceuticals and the chemical industry. Any liquid stored in a bottle, jar, tube or canister of some sort requires a cap. Available in a range of styles, materials, colours and sizes, each cap has a different function and is best suited to various products. As such a popular and common packaging item, what are the common types of cap available and what type is best suited to your product?

Screw Cap

A screw cap is perhaps the most well-known cap, and the one many people automatically think of when considering caps. Commonly found on bottles, jars and tubes, screw caps are even being used increasingly on wine bottles in place of corks. All that’s required is a simple twist motion to open and close the cap, making it convenient and easy to open, enabling the user to pour liquid out in the desired amount. Screw caps are made in a range of materials making them ideal for a number of industries. They are also available with tamper evident seals and child resistant closures to provide extra-secure, trustworthy packaging.

Push Pull Caps

Used primarily on sports and energy drinks, push pull caps, or ‘sports caps’, enable beverages to be quickly squirted into the mouth from a short distance, without the need for the mouth to touch the bottle. An efficient and hygienic option, push pull caps are the ideal choice for athletes playing sports – particularly for team sports, providing a hygienic way for teammates to share bottles without spreading germs. Push pull caps can be opened easily by hand or by mouth, but also prevent liquids from spilling.

Flip Top

Flip top caps are used as they sound: by simply flipping the cap up to open. A great choice for tottles, where the bottle sits on the cap, and for plastic bottles, flip top caps have a small hole where liquids are dispensed from, providing more controlled usage of products in smaller amounts. This type of cap is especially good for lotions and thicker viscosity liquids, and are frequently used in the cosmetics industry for shampoos and face creams.

Disc Top

Ideal for personal care products, disc top caps are used most commonly for shampoos and conditioners. Designed for easy use whilst preventing spillages, disc top caps can be pushed on one side so that the opening pops up, allowing liquids to then be squeezed out. The opening is then pushed down to close secure again. Best suited to thicker viscosity liquids, the disc top cap is easily used in the shower.

Once you’ve decided the best cap for your product, further customisation can help to distinguish your packaging and make your caps an exciting design feature. Choose from exciting colours and print your logo on the top of the cap. The cap of a bottle can be a great way to attract attention.

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