In a world where product packaging is as important as the product itself, customers are constantly looking for the most convenient and cost-effective packaging solutions. Great products sold in sub-standard packaging instantly lose their value and are less appealing to customers.

Today, the packaging industry is thriving, and although there’s a huge range of different packaging options available, each product has an ideal packaging alternative that offers better usage and a more economical approach. Here are some examples of products that have better packaging options than the one frequently used.

Liquid Soaps

Liquid soaps are often sold in bottles with pump dispensers, yet for a more economical solution, foam pumps may be more appealing to the customer as they use less soap. For both customers and manufacturers, foam pumps save money as they turn liquid soap into foam, which reduces soap usage. Very small amounts of liquid soap is diluted and mixed with water in the foam chamber to create a dose of foam.

For manufacturers, foam pumps are cost-effective packaging as they only need to mix a small portion of liquid soap with water, meaning less soap is used overall and can therefore be stretched further for the same production costs.

For customers, foam pumps offer a cheaper alternative to pump dispensers with a bottle as the same amount of product is dispensed, but using less liquid soap as the foam pump dilutes the product with water to create the foam, meaning products last longer. Consumers can save money on liquid soap by using foam pump dispensers.


When purchasing painkillers and similar medicines, pills are often sold to customers in blister packs. Blister packs have a covering thin layer of foil to protect the pills stored in each blister, yet this foil commonly rips with the slightest handling, endangering the products by exposing them to external factors. Instead of selling pills in blister packs, a more durable and reliable solution is to swap to a plastic pill bottle.

Made from safe, quality materials, plastic pill bottles provide an airtight storage solution that allows customers to store their medicines in a more secure way. Not only does a plastic pill bottle protect its contents from external condition and allow for convenient transportation, it can also be reused after being cleaned properly. Plastic pill bottles make great containers for seeds, spices and other general storage purposes.

Protecting pills is essential in the pharmaceutical industry, so selling pills in secure plastic pill bottles instead of blister packs may help to increase brand reliability and therefore customer trust.

Plastic over Glass

Many items are sold in glass, but glass packaging is not particularly easy to transport without fear of breaking. Add to this the higher cost of glass products, and it becomes clear why manufacturers and consumers are turning to plastic for their packaging solutions.

Plastic is an ideal substitute to glass, as it’s more durable and weighs less than other types of container, making it cheaper to transport. Plastic is produced in large quantities which helps in lowering the cost of production and ultimately reduces the amount you need to spend for buying plastic packaging, so is an extremely cost effective option. It’s also extremely portable: plastic packaging enables products to be carried with ease throughout the day, whilst being sturdy and secure.

Just a few simple changes to the way products are packaged can make a huge difference to the price and functionality of products. Browse the wide range of high quality packaging available on the All In Packaging webshop to see what packaging solutions could benefit your products.