Try to imagine a world where plastic caps and closures don’t exist. We’ve tried it, with surprising outcomes.

There are certain things in life so routine to us that we never think about what it would be like without them; items that we use everyday, sometimes hundreds of times a week, without questioning where they came from, how they’re designed or why we use them.

Caps and closures are just two examples of such items. As such a small part of a bottle, canister, jar or ‘tottle’ etc., most of the time we don’t even think about their function, despite their vital role in packaging.

Picture a parallel universe where bottle caps haven’t been invented. Life in that universe would probably be a lot more complicated. Thankfully, we only have to look at our everyday life and surroundings to realise that life without caps and closures would be fairly difficult!

Life without caps

Let’s play a game. Here’s a list of scenarios – all you have to do is try to imagine the situation without the existence of plastic caps.

  • How would you carry your drinks bottle anywhere (e.g. to your workplace or to your workout location)?

  • How would you carry your mineral water home if the bottle didn’t have a cap?

  • How would different kind of liquid products be delivered from A to B if the package of the product couldn’t be closed?

  • How would the food you keep in your fridge be packaged and stored?

  • Ladies: how would you carry your cosmetics – from lip balm, face powder and lipstick to perfume, cream and face refresher/mist – if you couldn’t close them?

Of course, most of the above mentioned situations could have alternative solutions, but likely at a much more problematic, inconvenient and higher cost than using plastic caps.

Overall, it’s easier to count the industries that don’t use plastic caps as opposed to the industries that do – that’s how popular they are. Chemical products; food and beverage products; cosmetics and toiletries are the biggest plastic cap and closure users. Thanks to plastic caps, products can be safely packaged, stored and transported in any field.

Cap types

Today, a wide range of caps and closures are available, with most enabling the final product to be utilised in the best, most cost-effective and convenient way. There are several types to choose from when looking for caps, ranging from the normal (most common) screw-on cap, to the improved versions such as disc-top cap, flip-top cap, push-pull cap or snap-on cap.

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