Packaging is everywhere, and quite often, once it’s fulfilled its primary purpose, we have a tendency to just forget about it or throw it away. But some items have multiple purposes, as well as use beyond their initial role, and it’s up to us as consumers to decide how we can creatively reuse them.

One particular industry that can really benefit from packaging is the gardening industry. Here are a few ideas of how some everyday packaging can be gardening gold.

Savvy sprayers

Trigger sprayers and fine mist sprayers make the perfect choice for storing water and liquids, such as fertilisers, nutrients and additives, to be used in the garden. For balcony or courtyard gardens, smaller plants and plants requiring delicate watering, the gentle spray of a fine mist sprayer and the accuracy of a trigger sprayer offer an ideal alternative to a hosepipe or watering can. Adjustable nozzles allow you to spray a precise amount of liquid – whether that’s water, plant chemicals or nutrients – onto plants, giving you control to prevent over-spraying. As a refillable product, trigger sprayers and fine mist sprayers can be used again and again, with numerous liquids, making them a gardening must-have.

Pill jars for storing seeds

Keen gardeners take note: pill jars aren’t just for storing medicine. They also make great containers for keeping seeds and grains well organised, allowing you to store your seeds safely until they’re ready to be sowed in spring. Some even say that certain plants are best raised from seeds sown in containers such as these, providing a warm and dry environment for plants to grow. What better reason could there be for using pill jars to store seeds?

Forget flower pots; buckets are in

While plants are still relatively young, it’s best to keep them in pots rather than planting them directly in soil. A great alternative before you transfer plants into bigger flower pots is a bucket. As well as being a great starter pot for plants, buckets are perfect for those with small outdoor gardens, such as courtyard gardens that lack natural soil. Even gardens with plenty of soil can benefit from using buckets as flower pots, as soil can often be too cold for plants during cooler months, so buckets can be a great alternative until the time comes to transfer plants into the ground.

Whilst packaging items such as these might not seem an obvious choice for use in the gardening industry, a little bit of creativity goes a long way and the flexible nature of packaging makes them great alternatives for gardening tools.

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