The role of packaging in any industry cannot be denied. It is an important part of perfumery, toiletry and cosmetic products, based on which a lot of sales is dependent. Without adequate and good packaging, products will not stay in good condition, they will not be delivered in their original condition to customers and it might lead to a lot of waste, especially in case of food packaging. Here are some interesting facts about packaging.

Why we need Packaging?

  •  It is needed to preserve a product.
  •  Extends shelf life of food and vegetables
  •  Helps to keep a product in great condition during transit.
  •  It keeps the product protected in storage. We need it for product protection and security before it reaches customers.
  •  In case of food products, packaging is needed to prevent any contamination of products.
  • Offers important information, warnings, usage instructions, storage details and things of importance to customers.
  • Ensures effective use of product.
  • Prevents wastage, damage
  • Makes a product attractive, distinctive and apart from others when displayed.
  • Is designed to catch the attention of users when displayed in supermarkets.

Now, with so many important uses of packaging, why is there always a debate about packaging a waste of money? It is not necessary?

Packaging is needed in every industry but for some products packaging is considered to be extremely essential for sales and to attract customers. Perfume packaging is one area, where packaging plays an important role in sales. Perfume bottles for example are available in a large number of designs, shapes and sizes – each having its own unique style of packing that makes it different from others.

Cosmetics and Packaging

Cosmetics and Packaging go hand in hand. Cosmetics have a long shelf life and to keep them in such good condition, packaging plays a very important role. Most cosmetics are used for months, weeks and sometimes for years. These might be displayed on dressing tables, in bathrooms, in make-up kits, in bags or just anywhere where the customer feels. Cosmetic packaging is done with special care and for long durability. Cosmetic packaging means the products needs to stay in great condition, should look good and should be durable. Whether it is packaging soaps, beauty bars, perfume bottles or make-up kits, packaging is all about attractiveness, quality and durability. Cosmetic industry is one of those few sectors where packaging can never be ignored because without good packaging products are not going to stay in good condition for long.

Over Packaging

Well, packaging is truly a waste of money when it is done is excess which is often misunderstood and misjudged.. If packaging is totally done away with, it will raise the level of wasted and damaged products which is definitely going to have a significant influence on the environment. It is vital that the right quantity of packaging is used and products are not over-packaged. Packaging is not a waste of money, as long as it is done as per requirement. It is important to understand when packaging is done as a necessity and when it is being done in excess.

The most interesting part is that in case of cosmetic products there is no over packing done by companies and this is not done deliberately. They do realize that too much packaging can anger the customer, it turns out to be extremely expensive and it is totally a waste. Cosmetics are rarely stored in their package when in use. Not just this, with over packaging there is more transportation cost, more costs for recovery and more amount is paid for recycling. Over packaging is mainly a big issue with industrial products and similar products which are huge, heavy and need to be carried to distant places.

Statistics reveal that 3% of waste products sent for packaging every year is from packaging. 60% of such packaging material is recovered from households and industries. Have you ever wondered what will happen if all such packaging material cannot be recycled? A big reason for such waste filling up landfills is the use of non recyclable packaging material.

Packaging and Recycling

We hear about packaging and its recycling or its easy recovery which helps in saving our natural resources and also diverts waste material from landfills. Here are some interesting facts about saving energy with packaging:

If you are washing empty packaging bottles, try not to use hot or fresh water. The energy spent in the process is going to outweigh what is saved through recycling.

 To deliver packages do not make special or exclusive trips by car. The diesel or petrol you will use is going to outweigh whatever you save by recycling.

Packaging plays an important role for manufacturers and customers equally, without which none gets satisfaction. Its role and importance can never be denied.