Plastic jars with metal latches are increasing in demand, thanks to the appeal of vintage looking products for interior design and décor. A practical yet stylish form of packaging, the easy to open plastic jar with a metal latch is a trendy and useful accessory for every home.

Made from plastic, the jar is a durable and long lasting choice of packaging that keeps products well protected and can withstand a bit of rough handling. The metal latch lid not only looks good, but also ensures the lid is tightly fitted to the jar, providing a snug, airtight fit. The wide mouth of the plastic jar is easily filled and quickly emptied, and as the bottom is effortlessly reached with your hand, it’s the perfect size for convenient cleaning and reuse.

Fabulous for filling with a range of goodies, here are just a few of the inventive ways that plastic jars with metal latches can be utilised around your home.

Brilliant Bathroom Storage

It doesn’t matter how spacious, there’s always a need for extra storage in your bathroom. Whether it’s a lack of shelf space, or too many products, having an attractive way to store cotton wool pads, bath salts, makeup brushes and even candles is always preferred. Plastic jars with metal latches are the perfect way to keep your cosmetic products organised and safely stored. Just pack products into the jar and close the latch. The jar looks good, can be stacked and you can easily see your products thank to the transparent plastic material. The best part is as the jars are mostly made of plastic, they won’t cost a fortune to buy, so you can really stock up!

Good for Food Packaging

Buying food produce in bulk is often the cheaper option, but can prove a nightmare when it comes to storage. Items such as spices, nuts and seeds, powders, coffee, tea and cupboard essentials like sugar and flour are usually sold in larger quantities, and plastic jars with metal latches can be an ideal way to store these products. The latch – with its airtight seal – ensures products stay fresh and in the intended condition for use, as well as providing protection against leakages. As the jar itself looks stylish, when filled with food produce, it adds great decoration to any kitchen, and the simple yet bold design means they don’t look out of place, whatever your colour scheme!   

Storage for Stationary and More

Plastic jars with metal latches aren’t just suitable for kitchen and bathroom storage: they make wonderful storage containers for stationary and other household trinkets. The see-through exterior of the plastic jar can even be decorated to make personalised jar – simply add paint, felt decorations or even beads and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind plastic jar! Perfect for storing pencils, or buttons and cotton for sewing, or even make up. Plastic jars with metal latches are a versatile form of packaging.

As people begin to recognise the stylish addition these jars make to a household, their popularity has risen. An ideal way to provide attractive yet functional packaging, you can join the trend by choosing your own plastic jar with metal latch directly from the All In Packaging web shop. This, along with thousands of other high quality packaging solutions, means you’ll be spoilt for choice.