The marketing factor is an extremely important part of product packaging. Bottles, for example, play a crucial role in storing many products, including foods, beverages, cosmetics and even medicine. Manufacturers need to think a lot about the promotion of their products so that they will be attractive to consumers. Bottles act as the packaging of a product, but can also be a popular marketing tool.

A successful marketing strategy is one which narrates a story about the packaged product. For bottled products, the design of a package should be a representation of a specific idea which defines the product. This strategy must consider the target audience and also the product that will be packaged.

Choosing the ideal bottle is also important for the packaging. The design of the bottle can work as a strong marketing tool and help in determining the long-term success of a product. Bottles can be packaged in a number of ways, as necessary or desired, and are available in a large number of designs and shapes.

Design & Material

The arguably best part of bottles is that they are available in a large number of sizes and designs. You can use them to store huge varieties of volumes–large and small–for many different contents. Plus, electing the packaging for all types of bottles, in different designs and sizes is easy and convenient. In almost all industries, bottles can usually be successfully used.

Bottles used in packaging are available in different types of material – glass packaging and plastic packaging are the most popular types of packaging. Glass packaging is especially useful in the cosmetic industry while plastic bottle packaging is widely used in other industries. Plastic packaging is cheap and can be transformed into desired number of shapes and sizes. 


The perhaps main reason for the immense popularity of plastic packaging is its portability. Plastic bottles are lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere. Plastic bottles are useful in carrying beverages, medicines, perfume and several other things. Try also carrying them in handbags for traveling purpose.


Plastic bottles are preferred over glass bottles since plastic packaging is markedly more durable. Unlike the glass bottle, plastic bottles do not easily break; hence they will last longer. Packaging companies often choose durable packaging products so that packages do not break during transportation. This is one of the reasons why plastic bottles are valued as such since they will stay in good condition for long and protect the product packaged.

Lastly, plastic bottles are used in packaging due to their cost effectiveness. Plastic bottles are cheaply available and are preferred by small business owners working on a tight budget. 

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