Good packages sell your brands. Concentrate and plan your package well, as it will play a crucial part of your marketing mix. Your packaging, if done right, will help in the building your brand reputation and identity and you will stand out from the crowd.
So, what makes a brand and how can you build your reputation? A brand is simply a name which sets itself away from competition. It will successfully stand above and apart from competitors, creating a smart positive association in the minds of the customers. The recall of your name is of the utmost importance and companies work a lot for this. As an owner, you will want your customers to identify your brand anywhere. You need to have a creative and quite attractive packaging with an intelligent combination of different colors, materials, styles, designs and textures all combining to make your product pop from the shelves.
Product packaging can be used in creating and reinforcing your brand image and identity. Packaging design has an important role in building a brand. Packaging needs a large scope and is an opportunity to grow the importance of your company. It gives a positive impact and builds confidence about the product in the minds of customers.
Here are some methods by which packaging uniqueness can help your product stand out from the other products on the shelf:
• To help your packaging and promote your brand, you’ll need to include your product name, slogan, logo, which will soon become a trademark. Customers will recognize your brand and its uniqueness, such as: brand material, packaging design, colors, logo, graphics or anything that works to create a difference from all other packages available
• A good package with high recall value will create an identity, as your customers will start relating or recognizing your product packaging with your brand. This will become a distinctive feature of your brand, helping you to stand out from the crowd and build a reputation
• Intelligent packaging will help to distinguish your product from all similar items available to create brand distinction or identity, leading to more sales and better profits for your business
Using Package Labeling as a Branding Tool
If you are really keen on promoting your brand and building an online reputation, you’ll need to focus on your package labeling.  Don’t clutter your label with unnecessary or excessive information. Be smart and use only essential images and text which to help your concept. People will find it easier to understand and remember your message when every bit of information is well written, clear and familiar. Do not make a mistake in deciding the position of information on the label, too, because this is where a customer’s primary attention will go and this is what will help in building your brand.