Day  by  day  we  hear  of  how  plastic  bottles can  be  utilised  after  they’ve  fulfilled  their  basic function. Normally, plastic bottles are equipped for storing liquids, but after the bottle is empty, the only limit to how they can be reused is how creative you are!
As the recycling and reuse of unnecessary plastic ­ especially plastic bags and plastic bottles ­ is  highly  important  from  an  environmental  perspective,  extraordinary  ideas  and  solutions  for reusing plastic are always in the spotlight.
One such idea is a very special ‘DIY’ way to create light in dark places. Only four basic things are needed: a plastic bottle, water, a few drops of bleach ­ to keep the water clear ­ and the most important item: a solar light source.
The plastic bottles can be placed in a roof – half inside, half outside – and the lower portion of the bottle refracts light. These solar bottle lights can create approximately the same light as a 50­60 Watt light bulb, but without the need for electricity.
Pack the sun in plastic bottles
The idea of plastic bottle solar light bulbs is the result of frequent blackouts in Brazil. A Brazilian mechanic  invented  the  device  initially  as  a way  of  creating  light  in  his workshop. Since  then, solar  bottle  bulbs  have  become  a  viral  sensation  and  have  been  implemented  mainly  in underdeveloped countries and regions of South America and Africa, where the number of hours of  sunshine  is  relatively  high,  but  the  population  largely  lives  in  slums.  These  poor  areas typically  do  not  have  a reliable  electricity  supply  and  the  man­made  shanty  houses  are  dark even during daylight hours.
Plastic  bottle  solar  bulbs  are  not  only  good  for  indoor  lighting,  but  can  also  be  used  in  darkhook­alleys and covered areas. As a result of solar bottle bulbs, crime levels can be reduced, thanks  to  better  visibility  creating  safer  places.  Others  use  plastic  bottle  solar  bulbs  to  grow plants under roofs, where the hot sun cannot burn and damage the plants.
The  advantages  of  plastic  bottle  solar  bulbs  include  sustainability  and  safety;  compared  with candles or faulty electrical connections, they do not pose a fire hazard. They are also cheap, simple and environment friendly. Plastic bottle bulbs can last for up to five years.
Today,  a  foundation  called  MyShelter helps  to  spread  the  plastic  bottle  bulb  innovation  in regions where people are most in need of low­cost electricity. Thanks to the thousands of millions of used and unused plastic bottles, thousands of millions of homes can be illuminated with this clever solution.
This wonderful idea shows that empty plastic bottles can be used in a variety of ways instead of simply being thrown away. If you’re looking for packaging for your product or just would like to try your hand at making a plastic bottle solar light device, visit our web shop, where thousands of types, colors and sizes of plastic bottles are available.
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