Lipstick: a staple item in most women’s handbags. Year round, lipsticks generate billions of sales in the cosmetics industry, continuing to grow and grow in success and popularity.

Take a look in any makeup bag and you’ll be hard pushed to find one without a lipstick or two. From deep winter hues to pastel pinks in summer, the lipstick industry is booming with a colour and product for every occasion. But behind every great product is great packaging, and that’s exactly what lipstick cases are: great packaging. Here’s why.

Something for Everyone

At All In Packaging we offer a huge range of high quality lipstick cases to suit a diverse range of customers, from renowned lipstick manufacturers, to small businesses and even private customers who make their own lipsticks. Despite a varied client base, it’s the innovative and creative designs and portability of lipstick cases that make this packaging item a winner that customers love.

Most lipstick packaging is made up of a case to hold the lipstick a cap that fits over the top. Made from plastic, they are durable, small and lightweight. Usually no bigger than a few inches long, lipstick cases are the perfect size to slip into your purse or handbag, and as they’re ideal for transporting, can be used anywhere, anytime.

It’s not just a market for women, though. As the colder months approach, the number of men using lip balms and lip care products to protect and moisturise dry skin will rise, making the target market for lipstick cases wider than expected. Winter can even be an opportunity for some brands to branch out into men’s cosmetics, and lip balms in exciting packaging can provide a good tester.

Design Galore

It’s often said that ‘one size fits all’; this doesn’t ring true for lipstick cases. A benefit of this small, cylindrical packaging is the several designs available. Square caps, round caps and caps with printing on them are just some of the ways that cases can be personalised. Cases can be created in a variety of colours, including gold or black varieties, and can even be matched to the colour of the actual lipstick! Matte and gloss finishes are both a possibility. Mirrored surfaces and silver rims on cases are all additions that add a touch of luxury to your product and can take your lipsticks from high street to high end. There’s huge scope for designers to be creative with their products.

It’s not just the big cosmetics brands that produce lipsticks – even celebrities and fashion brands have been known to get in on the trend. There’s a reason that brands like to expand into lipsticks and that’s because they sell. A top selling product in the cosmetics industry, you can get your lipstick packaging directly from All In Packaging, where you’ll find high quality products at affordable prices. With both wholesale and small quantity options, we have something for all budgets.