As we become more health conscious, we’re more and more aware of what we use on our skin and how good it is for us. Buying prefilled, store bought products is no longer the only option: with so many homemade recipes available online, it’s never been easier to make your own cosmetics. The only difficulty is what to package such creations in, and we’ve got the perfect solution. With hundreds of different containers on offer in today’s society, all you need to do is choose the best one.

Lipstick jars, tubes and cases; plastic and glass jars and perfume bottles are just some examples of containers that can be filled with homemade creams, lotions, liquids, lip balms and fragrances.

More choice; more control

There are many advantages to making your own cosmetics, and not just that you can choose your own container that best suits your needs.

By making your own cosmetics, you choose exactly what goes into your product, and therefore onto your skin. Unlike some shop bought products, there are no strange ingredients in homemade products as you’re in charge of precisely what has been used, so you can rest assured knowing what you’re using on your skin.

Homemade cosmetics also mean you have control over the amount produced. With containers available in a range of sizes, from as small as 5ml to 250ml, you can make enough to suit you, without being limited by the container. Travel sized containers offer the perfect solution for trips away, so you never have to leave home without your homemade products.

Get creative

You don’t have to be an expert to start making your own cosmetics – there are plenty of great DIY videos, instructions and recipes available online to help get you up and running. Not only is making your own cosmetics fun, but it’s also a brilliant way to get creative. With different recipes to make and different containers to choose from, you can really go to town on customising your products. Making your own cosmetics is a great idea for keeping kids – as well as adults – entertained over the summer holidays, or as an activity at a pamper party. The really entrepreneurial types could even see making homemade cosmetics as providing the first step towards developing their own cosmetics brand!

To get started, you’ll first need to purchase a container to store your homemade cosmetics, and the All In Packaging web shop is the perfect place to begin. You’ll find containers in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials, so whether you’re making lipstick or face cream, there’s a container to best fit the job – all you have to decide is what to fill them with!

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