In today’s market, one of the most regularly used plastic packaging options is the trigger sprayer. Convenient and easy to use, trigger sprayers are designed to hold everything from household liquids to stronger chemicals. There are a huge number of trigger sprayers available, but one product offering the ideal choice for dispensing smaller amounts of liquids is the mini trigger sprayer.

The Product

Mini trigger sprayers are both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, enabling users to evenly distribute a variety of liquids through a sprayer nozzle.

Each trigger sprayer is designed to meet varying customer needs, with different purposes in mind, and the mini trigger sprayer is no different. Mainly used in combination with small bottles for dispensing smaller amounts of liquids, the mini trigger sprayer is lightweight dispensing solution that offers a great alternative to aerosol cans. Available in a variety of colours, designs and spray options – from fine sprays to foam applications – the mini trigger sprayer has numerous possibilities for customisation to offer the maximum benefit for specific spraying requirements.

Fast, Convenient and Easy to Use

Built with convenience in mind, mini trigger sprayers require much less effort to use than conventional trigger sprayers. The ergonomic and innovative design of the mini trigger sprayer makes it easier to hold in one hand, and more comfortable to operate with one finger.

Delivering a fine and uniform spray, the mini trigger sprayer provides a fast and accurate way to dispense liquids in more confined areas, or in areas that require less liquid. Mini trigger sprayers handle a wide range of materials, including high viscosity lotions and gels, and their multifunctional use makes them an excellent choice for hair care, sun care and body cleaning products, as well as often being used to dispense toilet air fresheners, garden sprays and small amounts of harmful liquids. As they are compatible with a range of industries and markets, the mini trigger sprayer is an appealing product.

Reliability is Key

Convenience and safety are two of the main reasons consumers choose to use trigger sprayers – users want a product that delivers an accurate spray without dripping liquid all over the floor. Buying mini trigger sprayers from reliable manufacturers is an important factor in ensuring a high performance and accurate spray. Bad quality sprayers can malfunction and leave customers frustrated. Even if the liquid product is good, customers may not purchase a product next time because of a bad experience with product packaging, and for mini trigger sprayers, this means ensuring high quality products from reliable manufacturers.

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