Aerosol manufacturers are located across the world, serving customers all over through their wide range of services and excellent products. Here are some of the leading and famous aerosol manufacturers worldwide.
Hydrokem Aerosols

This is a specialist Aerosol company in the business for more than 30 years. The company deals in a wide range of products, serving every sector. Its products can be used in household, personal care, janitorial and even technical sectors. The Directors of the company are highly experienced in Aerosol manufacturing and strive to introduce a fresh approach in their manufacturing, which explains the unprecedented success of the company over the few years. The company produces more than 30 million aerosols every year. The Company believes in ‘concept to counter’ which is their way to develop new products that have brought them a great deal of recognition across different sectors.
Aztec Aerosols
Another leading manufacturer of Aerosols, the Company was founded in the year 1964 and since then has offered outstanding service, aimed towards fulfilling individual requirements of its customers. Aztec provides a wide range of cost effective, high quality aerosol products in many different sizes, quantities and formats. The Company emphasizes its policy of ‘Total Product Development’ which starts with initial consultation, moves ahead with product formulation, research and development, designing, printing and other services. Aztec has a very systematic approach towards high quality management which ensures that customer needs are fully understood, well agreed upon and satisfied as soon as possible. Products offered by the company are manufactured taking care of safety and security of customers. Packaging of products has clear instructions related to safety and health matters which need to be considered before using the products.
Chicago Aerosol
Chicago Aerosol is known as the custom formulator and the leading producer of a variety of Aerosol products, serving thousands of clients located in different parts of the world. The Company takes care of every stage of product development from research and development, product and fulfillment, testing, packaging of products to their distribution, to ensure high quality products which satisfy customer’s requirements in every way. All products manufactured by the Company undergo strict quality standards and strictly adhere to high quality standards which ensure high value and customer satisfaction. There are two wholly separate plants which offer personal care products that are totally different and are in no way contact with other sections which include paint, automotive and industrial products. Excellent customer service is what makes the Chicago Aerosol a leader and much preferred organization in the industry. The Company has 9 aerosol lines and 840000 gallons of storage which ensures that all products exceed expectations in terms of quality and adherence to safety standards, are produced on time and are strictly on budget. The production lines are highly adaptable and are designed to fulfill high and low production values exceptionally well. With its immense flexibility and high versatility, the Company is now a trusted partner for many recognized brands all over the world.
YAC Chemicals Limited
Popularly known as one stop supplier of Aerosol products, YAC Chemicals is the top supplier of aerosols in China, serving a wide range of customers located across the globe. The company offers a wide range of products which includes household, auto care and personal care products among other things. YAC Chemicals uses advanced equipment and great technical

force, thereby offering a wide range of comprehensive services to customers, at affordable prices and in great quality. Customers include different industries and households located all over the world. The company offers professional services with great flexibility and adaptability in design through origination, great formulas, legal advice and transport. The company strives for scientific management and focuses on “people-oriented, cooperation and innovation” as its main motto which has helped to make it one of the leading manufacturers of aerosol products today. This is the main business philosophy of the company as it strives to fulfill the many social needs of customers. The main aim of the company has always been to offer high quality, low cost products through personalized services to the customers. The company strives to continue manufacturing top quality products, cater to more industries and serve more customers located at different corners of the world.
Eco-Pac, LLC
A famous family owned contract aerosol packaging which lays emphasis on household cleaning products and cosmetic products.  The company accepts high as well as low volume purchase orders. The company aims at offering high quality products with great flexibility at affordable prices. The company emphasizes on high quality products while ensuring complete customer safety.
Aerosol industry is one of the booming industries today, which is expected to develop much more in the coming years. There are hundreds of companies offering a wide range of aerosol products and striving to make an impact in this highly competitive marketplace.