There’s no denying that the All In Packaging webshop has a huge range of products; it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. To make it easier, let’s take a look at the webshop’s current most wanted products to see the packaging that’s been getting people excited.

  1. Aluminium Jars

Aluminium jars, ideal for creams, lotions and lip balms, make the final cut for most wanted product. This item is hugely popular, thanks to the range of different sizes it’s available in. Choose between 5ml, 30ml or 50ml to best suit your product and appeal to a variety of customers. With screw on lids for a secure closure, aluminium jars offer safe and durable storage for products in the cosmetic industry, and are often used to hold candles as well.

Aluminium jars are great for storing both homemade products and large brand products, and can make your products seem just that extra special and unusual. Many brands use aluminium jars to give their products a minimalist yet stylish finish.

  1. SET Cosmetic Creamer Bottles with Pump

The SET cosmetic creamer bottle with pump is a reliable, elegant glass product that is ideal for use in the cosmetic industry for creams, lotions, foundations and similar products. The current status as a most wanted product is largely due to their small size, which makes them convenient for carrying in a handbag. The pump allows easy and clean dispensing using just one hand, and gives a measured dose of product, so offers a cost-effective solution. As a SET product, you can be certain that the pump is the correct neck size and dip length for the bottle.

Available in a number of styles and colours – but generally with a frosted glass bottle for sophistication – the SET cosmetic creamer bottle with pump can be ordered in both large and small quantities, making them an extremely popular choice for small manufacturers and private customers.

  1. Lip Balm Tube

One type of packaging that enjoys popularity across the majority of its products is the lip balm tube. The lip care industry is booming, generating billions of sales every year. As a result, lip balm tubes are one of the most wanted products in the All In Packaging webshop. Their small size is perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket, and the clever designs make them attractive: tubes are easily twisted so that the product is pushed up for quick application and twisted back down to keep protected when not in use. The lip balm tube is a particularly reliable product.

Similar to other products in the webshop, the lip balm tube is available in small quantities and is therefore popular with small manufacturers and private customers. Typically made from either plastic or metal, lip balm tubes are available in a range of styles and colours.

Although the three products on this list are the current most wanted products in the All In Packaging webshop, the most popular products change frequently and there’s thousands more high quality packaging items for you to choose from. Take a look today and see which product you like best!