Packaging designs are all about innovation and inspiration.

Packaging solutions and designs can never ignore fashion trends, since this is what customers look forward to. In several categories, it has been observed that packaging needs to follow many parameters which are aimed to catch the fancy of customers and bond through a strong emotional connection.

So, what are these new packaging products design ideas and how are they designed to communicate with customers?

Freehand Fonts Look Spontaneous and Fresh

Freehand Fonts are quite popular these days in packaging products and their designs.  These are about handwritten and untidy fonts which are meant to relate to consumers in an excellent friendly but true and honest tone. Information and casual designs often look spontaneous and are completely fresh. These smart freehand fonts help in humanizing a product and helps in making it look handmade.

These trendy fashioning design fonts are design to completely align themselves with the wonderful handcrafted products which is completely opposite to the artificial imagery, quite prevalent with products made in bulk in industries. These are specially appreciated in perfume packaging.

Re-signification of Product

This is another trend observed in industrial packaging designing. This trend is a total integration of the many graphic elements and products with the main motive of getting a playful approach to the packaged product. In this process, the ultimate product gains a lot, helping it to strengthen its values and helping consumers to experience their use. In this effort, there is a wonderful combination of reality as well as fiction which combines for a magical graphic solution.


A trend which has witnessed a huge success in several cities across the globe as packaging solutions! This trend started when a section of people started showing keen interest in alternative lifestyle. This was usually a high class group which existed to combine technology, fashion and culture at the same time. Packaging solutions providers are making the most of this latest trend and are increasingly being adopted by new products. This is a great way to reveal some super intellectuality and good sophistication.

There is several more new packaging products design trends observed all over the world. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Bold Geometry – This is not for the faint hearted. Adventurous, fun and interesting while being attractive, bold geometry designed packaging patterns use a wide range of colors. This is quite common in perfume packaging.
  • White – This is the best way to express clarity and simplicity. This is about great white typography which looks elegant and sophisticated on transparent substrates helping to add modernity and style at the same time. This kind of design offers a glimpse of the product inside with very little effort.
  • Simple Use OF Watercolors – A dazzle of watercolor can enhance the total look of your designer package. Vibrant and intelligent designing ideas with the use of water colors help in presenting stunning illustrations. These illustrations help to make this visually striking, personable and warm – commonly used by top packaging solutions providers.
  • High Contrast Designs – High contrast design packaging products ideas are now a recent trend. These designs are true attention grabbers and definitely arouse curiosity in the buyer.

Heard About The ‘SELFIE’ designing trend in food or industrial  packaging?

Well – selfies have taken the packaging industry by storm too! With the growing popularity of selfies, the food packaging design industry and industrial packaging designs have also come up with its latest selfie movement. Selfie innovation in packaging designing is an interesting concept. It is all about self opening, self closing, its about self cleaning, self-regulating, self sealing and self heating too. As humans are getting lazier day by day, packaging trends and designs are getting smarter and more active.

With the introduction of newer packaging design ideas and latest trends, in order to ensure sustainable growth, it became essential that the materials used in packaging designs by packaging solutions providers are changed. The hybrid structure did change and it worked well for packaging industry like never before.

With the development of food packaging products, customers will witness the convergence of paperboard and plastic in packaging designs for enhanced protection and better performance. This convergence will be highly beneficial for customers since food will now be better preserved. Another benefit will be the possibility of recycling of several pieces of packaging material. There is a huge possibility for all food product packaging to be recycled which is a great step to save our environment from the irreparable damage which it is heading to.

Latest packaging designs are adding more functionality, great entertainment values and a wonderful creative experience which consumers have never witnessed before. Whether it is industrial packaging designs or perfume packaging designs, changes are taking place at an enormous rate and are bound to make a change.

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