There’s a small, yet very practical device, mainly known and used in the cosmetics industry called a bottle for cotton pads, or cotton pad dispenser.

For those who’ve never heard of this product, you might be wondering what it is exactly. Even if you’re familiar with bottles for cotton pads, you might be asking yourself “do I really need it?” One thing is certain: you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve tried it.

How bottles for cotton pads work

Only one word is needed to describe how these bottles work: easily! Simply place a cotton pad on the top of the bottle and press the centre. The liquid will be pumped out from the bottle and absorbed by the cotton pad, which will become moist. Although bottles for cotton pads are generally used for female cosmetic products, they can be also be used to package several liquid hygiene products for men.

Bottles for cotton pads in the cosmetic industry

With several advantages, bottles for cotton pads are an invaluable tool for manicurists. These bottles provide a convenient, easy and cost effective way to dispense liquids, such as nail polish remover, during a manicure. Thanks to its shape and performance, it’s quick and simple to push down the pump with a cotton pad – much handier than having to pour nail polish remover onto a pad, for example. While the manicurist’s hands are both occupied with traditional pouring bottles, this dispenser can be used with just one hand.

It’s not just manicurists who can make the most of the benefits offered by bottles for cotton pads; other representatives from the cosmetic industry are offering their liquid products with this packaging. Manufacturers of make-up removers, face tonics and face hydrators are amongst the biggest consumers of this packaging bottle.

Forget the ‘traditional’ way of cotton pad moisturising!

Besides being easy to use, an additional feature that makes this bottle so popular with cosmetics manufacturers and their customers alike is its ability to dose the liquid dispensed. Rather than wasting unnecessary amounts of liquid, as so often happens during ‘traditional’ cotton pad moisturising, bottles for cotton pads allow users to dispense more exact amounts, using less liquid overall and saving costs. With traditional bottles, we normally hold the cotton pad with one hand and with the other pour the liquid from a bottle which has a much wider neck than the opening of the bottle for cotton pad, meaning more chance of excess liquid escaping. Bottles for cotton pads eliminate this risk.

There’s no doubt that once you start to use bottles for cotton pads, the way you use cotton pads will change for the better! Nowadays, with manufacturers aspiring to provide the most convenient and user-friendly products and services, bottles for cotton pads offer a great packaging alternative for rethinking and refreshing your products that are applied with cotton pads.

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