Whether you’re a huge sports fan or not, this summer is set to be full of events that are sure to grab everyone’s attention. In June, the European Football Championship takes place, followed by the XXXI. Olympic Games in August.

You might not have a personal interest in following sports events such as these, but from a business perspective it would be a big mistake to ignore the marketing opportunities that often arise from these events.

Prominent representatives from a variety of industries – from household chemical producers to cosmetics, to the food industry and the pharmaceutical multinationals – have recognised that their product’s packaging has to reflect the current mood of the customers. In a nutshell, this means that during the European Championship or the Olympic Games, customers tend to choose products that are connected to the current sporting craze.

Representatives from the cosmetics industry, for example, or companies whose products are usually round in shape, often take advantage of the shape of their product in relation to a sporting event and just produce a refreshed, updated label – which is relatively cheap to do – to emphasise the similarity of their product to a football. We frequently see this solution applied during the European Championship or the World Cup. Another typical situation is manufacturers launching a new ‘limited edition’ of their product, and simply producing a different kind of packaging for the same product that has been sold continuously.

The biggest and financially strongest companies, such as Coca Cola in the beverages market, or representatives from the household industry with products like Palmolive and Head & Shoulders regularly take the opportunity to use a world event’s popularity to their advantage. While the largest companies usually come up with entirely new forms of packaging (like Coca Cola), others (according to their budget) are more likely to choose the product re-labelling solution.

As most products cannot be transformed to match the events, companies are more commonly only customising the packaging and labels. Almost all of the elements of the packaging can be updated: toiletries, cosmetics and consumer products, bottles, tubes and closures can be changed. National colour combinations are also common results when customising packaging.

Several studies have shown that whilst customers prefer those products that are in connection to the event, on an even deeper level, these products can – subconsciously – enhance the ‘fan awareness’, allowing them to express their commitment towards their supported team. Sports-crazy customers are open to products that reflect their sports fever, and they’re keen to buy products with packaging that relates to sporting thrills and victories.

Overall it’s clear that more regularly, representatives from all sorts of industries and a variety of companies are aspiring to take advantage of world events that are followed by millions of people, creating packaging that connects the consumer to the events.

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1st picture source: animation-design.ft-leow.net

2nd picture source: creable.com