Every product has a target market and target audience. Whether targeted at a specific gender, age group or industry, all products have a group at which they are aimed and are geared specifically towards. Yet the first thing a customer usually sees of a product is its packaging, and given the vital role packaging plays in the marketing of a product, packaging must also be targeted to the customers you want to reach. Packaging your products for your target audience is a key step to ensuring products appeal to the intended customers, whilst maintaining brand image.

Advances in packaging – that allow custom designs for more personalised packaging– has enabled brands to add more value to their products and offer the customer something different to everything else available. As a result, packaging should correlate to the product being sold, mirroring the buyers values and expectations to reflect what the customer expects to be buying. Sleek, expensive products should have, for example, sleek, expensive looking packaging, to connect with the target customers.  

Different target customers require different packaging design approaches. Products aimed at younger people generally need to be packaged in fresh, dynamic and colourful packaging, whereas older target customers may look for more conservative packaging. Whilst not exclusive to each specific target group, market trends tend to show such patterns when it comes to age preferences.

Similarly, different genders have different tastes in packaging colour and style, and this is reflected in the packaging choices for products geared towards men and women independently, with men tending to opt for darker colours. These aspects need to be taken into account when deciding on the packaging for your products.

Customers like to buy products that feel personal, and the same sentiment transfers to the product packaging: targeted packaging that looks and feels personal is likely to be more attractive than generalised packaging. Although packaging is aimed making products stand out to a certain market or consumer group, products can reach wider audiences than the primary one intended if the packaging is appealing.

It’s essential that packaging relates to your target audience for product success. Brands that consider the role of product packaging in their marketing plan and use innovate techniques to ensure packaging reflects the product, as well as customer values, will succeed in appealing to their target customer group.