Packaging Ideas at the Beginning of the Century

Packaging solutionsare nothing new! They existed since years but with time, packaging solutions have undergone plenty of changes, keeping in pace with changing times and meeting new challenges.

In the earlier days, transport and delivery was not as smooth and convenient as it is today. Packaging was extremely important to maintain product quality during transit to its destination. Transport packaging solutions were not as specialized as today but still were adequate to ensure safe and secure delivery of products to their final destinations. Innovative and creative packaging solutions which included food packaging solutions existed even then but were slightly different from today.

So, what was packaging all about in the beginning of this century? In the beginning, packaging of products had one single motive – it was to sell the product, create its brand identity and help customers receive them in excellent condition. Companies offering transport packaging solutions ensured that the package saved the product from any kind of disintegration or interference which would ultimately help in using the product.

For instance, in case of cleaning products, packages were designed to keep users safe from any kind of strong chemicals, so that there were no leakages. However labels was not that important at that time as it is today. It was also taken care of that the product was easy to use and could be easily sprayed or poured on a specific surface. However, in the last few decades several changes have taken place in packaging, keeping in mind the changes taking place around the world.

Environmental Issues –Today, environmental issues have a major role in changes in packaging. In the earlier days, consumers were not that environment conscious as they are today. In the earlier days, food packaging solutions were not recyclable or they were not recycled, as they are done. Private label solutions were known then too but they did not have to adhere much as they were today.

Design Innovations

An important factor for manufacturers in the packaging industry has always been to make the product attractive. Private label solutions were not that in demand in the early years of the century as they are today. A decade back digital color printing was made available for consumers for different kinds of packaging solutions. Manufacturers have always ensured that there is good coordination between print designs and digital printing firms. With change in innovation and creativity, packages are now brighter and appealing for customers, which helps companies in creating a much better solid branding and identity of products.

One such company, which underwent a huge change since its launch in the year 1950 was Fairy Liquid. When packaging bottle was launched as early as in 1950, the bottle was slim and white and had a red cap. There was a cute baby wearing a nappy just as the Fairy logo. This wonderful classic bottle was much in use till the year 2000. Soon the company modernized its look and started with clear bottles that had complete color labels. This was able to brightly display the colored Fairy. Soon, more vivid graphics were introduced which made the bottle brighter and more attractive. This replaced the baby boy logo and a simple droplet was used in its place. Again in the year 2002, this droplet was dropped and the initial baby boy was reintroduced. Customers were much used to this and instantly recognized the new bottles which soon became a smart symbol of the brand.

However, in the later year Fairy introduced the smart classic bottle with their elegant green, white and red color scheme with use of traditional typography. These designs were designed to reinvent Fairy liquid. Britons got another opportunity to select their patriotic memento which was quite affordable.

Foil wrappers were commonly used at the beginning of the century by food packaging solutions increasingly. However, their use did not last long and these were soon replaced by flow wrap plastic packaging which was highly durable and convenient to use. Consumers were not quite happy with the change, but as Kit Kat Chunky introduced its flow wrap packaging, the change was thought to be less insignificant.

Plastic wrapping was soon introduced, especially in case of food packaging solutions. Plastic wrapping was used to keep chocolates fresher and also offered a temporary look to the bars and chocolates. With the introduction of newer flavors in the next few years, the classic wrapper witnessed further renovation. The colored wrappers started reflecting flavors inside.

Today, we know about Government-approved nutrition labels which manufacturers and private label solutions providers need to approve. This was made mandatory since the year 1994, which was not mandatory previously. Labels are made necessary as these help consumers in making decisions, helping them to know all relevant things about the product. Modified atmosphere packaging is another new innovation which has been introduced in the last 20 years. This helps in increasing the shelf life of several food products and preventsthem from getting damaged.

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