At our favorite supermarket shelf, packaging sells! Strange but true, packaging often determines, what customers add to their shopping carts! They love what they see and often carry home, due to the great packaging done.

Today, packaging is much more than something which is meant to protect products during their transit or shipping process. Packaging now offers individuality to products (whether it is in the form of plastic jars or plastic containers) and this is what conveyed to consumers through advertising. Good or bad packaging does make a difference and contributes a lot towards the success of any product.

Think of a situation, when a customer visits a supermarket to purchase breakfast cereals. The customer is confronted with dozens of breakfast cereals, well packaged in plastic containers, plastic jars or boxes. Its quite tough to decide which one should be purchased – this is when packaging materials or packaging makes a difference. The customer is often tempted by brilliant packaging themes.

As per a recent study, nearly 2/3 of purchasing decision is dependent on how a product is packaged. Among so many smart looking, cheerful products displayed attractively, the packaging is what ultimately sales and is said to be the actual sales pitch. Now, this is a well known fact and industry players are ready to work on every aspect to ensure that the outward appearance of any specific product is able to distinguish itself well from all others.

Packaging materialversatility and innovation plays a very important role in successful packaging. Packaging material producers face the biggest challenging in innovating, creating and developing material which attracts buyers and brings about a huge difference in how a product looks. However, though innovation and creativity are always an important factor, manufacturers need to ensure that packaging materials do not compromise on quality. This is especially important when packaging is done for food products in the form of boxes, plastic bags, plastic jars and plastic containers. It is ensured that no material is detrimental to the health of consumers. There should be no health hazards.

Top Factors To Be Considered For Successful Packaging

To ensure that packaging makes a difference and helps a product to stand out from the rest on display, companies need to consider a few things. Design of the package or the specific plastic containers, shape (of plastic jars, containers, bottles)  as well as packaging color need to be considered to ensure that it is enticing enough to draw the attention of consumers. Attractiveness and aesthetics are the two most important distinguishing features of any package. An attractive and pretty packaging design is of prime importance in case of confectionary and cosmetics products groups. Consumers are eager to purchase decorative and impressively designed products.

Functional aspects play an important role in successful packaging and are an important part of product packaging. Factors like aroma and product protection, tightness, hygiene, practical handling and environmental responsibility are an important aspect of packaging. Use of plastic containers, plastic jars is often considered to be economical and highly practical solution. Plastic jars, plastic containers and plastic bags are durable and cheap when compared to other packing materials. Packaging which is easy, convenient and comfortable to handle does make a difference. Including features like see-through windows, closure mechanisms do make a different in packaging!

Innovation also makes a difference in packaging. Customers look forward to something new and different every time. No one likes similarity and every time look forward to something different. An innovative pack has the capacity to make completely ‘new products’ from familiar and already known products. Unusual solutions, newer developments and great originality help in not just setting design trends but also help in boosting sales to newer heights. Good packaging does make a difference!