Packaging manufacturers have a great responsibility – providing packaging solutions that shall take care of the product during transit, offer excellent quality material which keeps the product in good condition during transportation. Customers are fully dependent on such manufacturers, especially private label manufacturers for the quality of a product, for their safety and health, especially when it involves packaging of food and other perishable materials.


If food safety is ignored, when designing packaging solutions, they might be liable for any problem which arises. Manufacturers need to be aware about a few things when they take up the responsibility of taking care of packaging material.

In case of food packaging, packaging is a critical component in the entire food safety process. With the globalization of food distribution networks, packaging has occupied an important place and plays a very important role in ensuring that the final product is totally safe for consumption.


When it is about product quality private label clothing manufacturers need to take care of a few things which will assure that goods are in best condition during transportation. They need to be aware that if there is even the slightest of malfunctioning the packaging, it will completely affect not just the quality of the product, but it will also have an adverse affect on the integrity and quality of the product. It is the duty of the manufacturers to ensure that all adequate steps are taken for the security and safety of the end user.


Be Aware Of The Risks


In order to take care of this and make the situation better, private label clothing manufacturers orpet bottle manufacturers should first think about the crisis situation which might arise. What causes damage to the goods? Once they are aware of the probable dangers and problems faced by manufacturers during transportation, they will be able to successfully design packaging that will help in ensuring perfect packaging.


There are many factors which private label manufacturers need to consider when building defense against the different kinds of packaging failures. First, the manufacturing and the packaging process needs to be reviewed thoroughly, so as to understand the type of product (whether fragile, has protruding parts). Next, think about the human error factors. A lot of damage is done due to human error during transportation by any private label clothing manufacturer which includes faulty placing, stacking of goods in the wrong places and transport related problems. Thirdly manufacturers need to be aware of the supply chain while ensuring that all types of raw materials and the value added products are as per international standards.


Risks Associated With Mislabeling


A lot of packaging problems arise due to contamination and mislabeling during the packaging manufacturing stage. This kind of risk is several times overlooked since a lot of emphasis is laid on food safety and extra emphasis on the preparatory stage, especially when it is related to food products. Manufacturers, especially food and pet bottle manufacturers should emphasize a lot on packaging labeling to do away with failures in the labeling process. The packaging manufacturing process can also be quite risky, if there is no proper adherence to quality and safety standards.


Private label manufacturersneed to be extra careful about the hygienic environmental condition where food packaging is done. If hygiene is not maintained at this level, no matter how good the packaging is, it is not going to help. It will have a direct and adverse impact on food safety which is a matter of big concern for many. Most importantly, there can be an immense adverse health effect if there is an incorrect labeling done – with a missing detail on ingredients list or when there is a small shortfall in packaging such as an improper sealing.


Manufacturers need to take care of packaging material too and labeling material at the same time, like in case of pet bottle manufacturers. The ink used in labels of food packages or water packages should not have dangerous substances that can migrate to packaging and seep into food.  The food that gets affected by this dangerous kind of substances is foods which are high in fat content like cheese. In the same way, manufacturers need to be beware of laminate films which are used in packaging. If laminates are used in food packaging, it needs to be ensured that all the layers are food safe which prevents the migration of all hazardous substances in the food. Unfortunately, even today most of the packaging labeling errors are due to failure on the part of manufacturers in declaring the potential allergens present in food.


Private label manufacturersneed to necessarily take care of all these aspects involved in the process of packaging with the help of a series of quality checks. Considering human area risks, manufacturers should look for scope of improvement areas, areas of frequent errors should be identified and plans should be made how such errors could be prevented. Health and sanitization should be specially taken care of and staff should be aware of the consequences of there was any malpractice.


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