Have a great innovative product, a smart attractive logo and a popular brand – is that all? Having a great product and a memorable brand is not enough – you need to have a successful packaging design and a great ultimate packaging product. It is not always about looking good too – environmental factors, price and consumer requirements should also be considered when buying products. This might sound odd, but the success of a product depends on lot on its packaging. Those who are new to packaging, need to first find out some vital aspects of packaging design processes so that some common mistakes in packaging are avoided, which can actually be tough on the product. Here are some such mistakes which all need to avoid.

Not Considering Quality and Safety Aspects

One of the prime factors which need to be considered when packaging food items! Buyers are really concerned about packaging when they buy food products and they look forward to completely safe packaging materials when considering plastic food packaging containers. Protection of food and ensuring its perfect condition when packaged inside the plastic food packaging containers is one of the main issues of Food Safety Management Systems of every Country. Manufacturers involved in food packaging should ensure top quality material is used, food packaging and safety standards are adhered too and the packaging is heat resistant. Leak proof packages, heat resistant and durable are one of the main factors to be considered when considering food packages.

Little Information

Packages need to be attractive and of the best quality, but to make the package consumer friendly and attractive, manufacturers often leave out important information from the package. Labels are an important part of packaging with adequate and necessary information about the product. Labels especially in glass jars or plastic food bags and plastic containers need to be of standard size with information which is easily legible. Companies should not make the mistake of using small labels with information which is extremely difficult to understand.

Non Recyclable

Top packaging companies often come up with innovative packaging products which look attractive and are cost effective too. Snack chip bags or plastic food bags for instance are made using several layers of plastic foil. This makes the bags light, reduces their shipping volume, do not take much space in the shelf and are graphics friendly. However, the main problem is that there is no machinery which can separate the different layers used in making these plastic food bags. Hence they are not recyclable and a threat to our environment.

Over Packaging

Over packaging has always been a problem with online packages. Products which are delivered through mail are given extra protection, which is often too much. Consumers get tired and sometimes irritated; unpacking packaging material, often layer after later. Sometimes small products like computer mouse, pen drives or joysticks arrive in huge packages. Products are pre boxed, put in a second box and sometimes in another third box which needs to be unpacked one by one. This can sometimes be really tiring and total waste of resources.

Products are packaged in many different layers of packaging material and along with label. Sometimes the packaging material is so much in abundance that it is hard to find where the label is. This is extremely wasteful and consumers do not like it too, unpacking material one after another, when actually so much packaging is not needed. Companies need to use sustainable packing material, instead of the traditional Styrofoam. Companies can select from a large number of packing materials which includes sorghum or corn starch which can be easily composed, hence not a burden to the environment.

Half Recyclable Material

Every recyclable packaging material might not be completely recyclable though it might appear to. For instance, our very popular pizza boxes which are packaged in cardboard boxes might not always be recyclable. Yes, this is surprising but an important fact worth consideration. Once food gets in touch with the cardboard, it loses its power to get recycled completely and no longer remains eco-friendly. Several types of take out plastic containers, and pizza boxes are made from recyclable materials that are not totally recyclable. As food scraps stick to them they are not recyclable. In such cases, it is important consumers are aware that the box is valuable. Pizza companies might not be able to avoid take-away packages due to high demand, many such companies have turned environment friendly and use compostable containers which are specially designed. Pizza companies should ideally use specially designed recyclable friendly pizza boxes.

Packages in the form of  plastic containers, plastic jars, and food storage containers are available in different shapes, sizes and materials but the main purpose of packaging always remains the same – to protect the packed item and offer relevant and necessary information to consumers. All companies need to ensure that these facts are taken into account when designing packaging solutions.