In today’s saturated packaging market, and in an industry that is constantly evolving, competition between manufacturers is huge, but finding reliable suppliers can be difficult.  Suppliers need to attract, win and retain customers to ensure success and maximise profit, and for this, reliability is essential.

When looking for a reliable packaging source, one of the first things customers tend to consider is the price. Packaging prices need to be low, but the price isn’t always the only thing to define reliability, and shouldn’t be the only thing to be taken into consideration.

What to Look for in a Reliable Supplier

Although affordable products are an important aspect of finding a trustworthy supplier, customers should also consider reliability, lead times and payment terms as the most vital aspects, and source a supplier that values these qualities.

Reliable Products

Products need to be reliable. Price aside, if products aren’t durable and of high quality, customers will quickly look elsewhere. A reliable supplier should provide packaging that does its job well, as products that are of low quality or inconsistent functionality won’t instill confidence in customers. Customers increasingly want products that offer greater functionality and work as intended, so a supplier to trust is one that provides advanced yet reliable products that work as they should.

Short Lead Times

When determining if a supplier is dependable, customers should consider their lead times. Reliable suppliers should ensure short lead times. Being able to design and manufacturer products quickly is a desirable quality in a supplier, as this enables customers to get products to the shelf as quickly as possible. Suppliers that offer short lead times, without compromising on product quality, are ideal.

Flexible Payment

The final important consideration when finding a reliable supplier is the ease of payment. Suppliers who present flexible payment terms – such as bank transfer and PayPal – make the payment process much more attractive for customers. If the payment process is seamless and offers a good user experience, customers are more likely to return. Flexible payment terms should be examined when choosing a reliable supplier.

A supplier that considers the logistical aspects of packaging and includes this in their service can often make life easier for the customer. Services such as transportation, labelling and contract filling all help customers to make an informed decision when looking for a reliable packaging supplier. With all aspects of the packaging process covered, suppliers that provide logistical support can be a good choice.  

A reliable packaging supplier should offer reliable products, short lead times and flexible payment, as well as competitive prices. Even if you already have good sources, keeping up to date and open minded about other opportunities on the market is always best, so that in a market that’s constantly adapting, you can make sure that you always have a packaging supplier that you trust.