Plastic: one of the most popular packaging materials. With so many of our cosmetics, personal and household care products packaged in plastic containers, it’s little surprise that caps and lids for plastic containers is a competitive market to be in. One leading manufacturer of high quality caps is Giflor, an Italian company who prides itself on reliability, prompt deliveries and excellent customer satisfaction – even in the most challenging requests.

Offering plastic caps and lids for bottles and tubes, Giflor has been producing innovative cap solutions for over 30 years. Thanks to their aesthetically pleasing designs, high tech ideas and dedicated customer focus, Giflor has become an internationally recognised name for high quality caps.

Caps for all

With three unique product lines – Eco Low Profile; Classics and Just Colors – each offers a variety of caps and lids for bottles and tubes in a range of colours and shapes. Giflor creates plastic closures for any kind of plastic container, whether for shampoo, creams, hand sanitizers, laundry detergents or cleaning products. Similarly, there are a variety of closures to choose from: flip top, screw on and pushlock closures are available, allowing the best fit for your merchandise. Timeless designs, glossy surfaces and smooth lines really make Giflor caps stand out, transforming your products. Classic caps are also presented in enhanced colours, providing cost effective yet unique designs.

Stand out from the crowd

Two factors ensure that Giflor stands out from the crowd in the plastic cap manufacturing market, making them a great choice for caps for plastic containers.

Firstly is their commitment to reliability. In such a competitive market, Giflor accounts its success and strong reputation to their speed, competence and precision in handling customer requests. In seeing each client as unique, customers can rest assured that by purchasing a Giflor plastic cap, they’ll be receiving a superior quality product designed with a custom solution.

Secondly is their technologically advanced, eco-friendly attitude. Defining themselves as “a business that constantly seeks out new challenges”, Giflor uses high tech innovations to offer product solutions that are both trendsetting and environmentally aware. Their desire to be environmentally friendly, cutting CO2 emissions and reducing raw material consumption has led to the Eco Low Profile line; a line of caps and lids that are extremely small, lightweight and highly functional for their purpose.


With small or large quantity orders available, purchasing Giflor caps offers you greater flexibility on a fantastic product that won’t disappoint you. The entire Giflor product range is available to purchase online directly from the All In Packaging web shop.

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