Nothing mesmerizes us more than smart, artistic and beautiful perfume bottles. Designed in super stylish, trendy, breathtakingly beautiful and highly innovative ways, perfume bottles often catch our fantasy. Undoubtedly, these are a picture of Brand and truly a work of Art.

Perfume bottles packaging industry is one of the most competitive industries and employs some of the most creative persons of the world. Perfume bottles are just not jars or bottles that store our favorite brand fragrance, but they are themselves a picture of creative genius, great innovation and super talent. There are millions of stylish perfume bottles in complete display, speaking a hundred words through their beauty and designer looks.

Perfume bottle designing is an Art and it is equally important as the scent of the perfume. The fact is ‘Bottles do sell’! There are many who buy bottles simply because they fall in love with the perfume packaging and they wish to bring it home. Just think for yourself – Given a choice, would you go for a perfume bottle which is just a glass jar or container that holds a scent? Well, there was a time when perfume packaging wasn’t as important as it is today but to survive in the tough competition today, perfume packaging plays a very important role.

Companies are ready to invest hundreds of dollars on perfume packaging. The most creative and talented people are employed who spend hours to come up with the most innovative and attractive designs. No two bottles look similar and every bottle has something unique on offer. Creativity is at its best in these bottles. Packaging is not just meant to hold the scent but it acts as an advertisement of what is contained in the product.


Perfume Bottles Are Unique – The Toil behind the Beauty

Truly a picture of art, designed with passion and style. Every perfume bottle is as crucial as the scent that is stored in the bottle. These bottles are not just containers to hold this beautiful scent but they are designed unusually and made attractive to cater to a specific type of buyer. Little do we realize when we glance through perfume bottles that each bottle is designed after hours of meticulous thinking and plenty of effort. Each bottle is designed to target a specific customer group and is typically designed to cater to their needs.

Designing perfume bottles which look extraordinarily beautiful involves plenty of time. Beautiful packaging takes time and several times designing a unique bott

le can take up months. Hours of artistic toil and plenty of creativity goes into designing your favorite bottle. It might not be the effort of a single person but involves a team of creative geniuses who know what customers look forward to, what manufacturers need in the design and what will stand out. Lots of market research time is spent in finding the preferences of customers, bottles which sell the most and what kind of packaging will help in maximizing the shelf value of the product. Hours of research analysis and several creative heads join hands to design some of the best perfume bottles.


How Packaging Bottles Themes are decided

Perfuming packaging industry is a huge one and is ever increasing. The scent itself is often used as an inspiration to get the top design for its package. Surprisingly, can you ever imagine that designers often consider the primary notes of the scent while designing the packaging? This might sound strange, but designers often create unique designs on the basis of the scent and this is what makes these perfume bottles so attractive. Suppose there is a scent which is heavy in woodsy smells; the designer has the option of giving it a woodland theme.

In case of a scent with sensual notes, the design is surely going to reflect the mood and them. Seductive and stylish themed female perfume bottles are always fast selling because they look attractive and are catchy. Similarly an old fashioned retro scent is given a classic looking top, keeping in mind the scent.This is how every perfume bottle is made different from one another.

How Are Designs Created

Designing is a long process and the initial design is often created in a small piece of paper. Changes are made time and again and several variations are tried out from the base design. There is often a focus group which selects the design which is considered to be most pleasing to the eyes and attractive. Every manufacturing company has an in house team of talented graphic designers who frequently come up with mock designs of the bottle lid. The specification is printed soon enough. Once everything is finalized, the design is considered to be ready.

This is how the best perfumed bottles are made and available for us to buy. Little do we realize or know about the hard work and months of labor which goes behind every such created piece of art. Truly, perfume bottles are nothing less than pieces of art.


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