Plastic products are used abundantly in our everyday lives for a variety of needs. We use plastic containers in a range of sizes on a daily basis. As a material, plastic has some unique properties that enable it to have a number of uses to fulfill our requirements.
High durability means long lasting
Whenever we need a highly durable packaging solution, we often can’t think beyond plastic containers, bottles and pill jars. Plastic is highly durable and, unlike glass, does not break easily. Even with the most rough handling and conditions, plastic containers sustain little damage. Plastic doesn’t leak easily, and is resistant to denting as often happens with metallic packaging materials. These qualities make plastic an ideal option for packaging that needs to be sturdy and long lasting. Takeaway food, such as packed lunches, is often transported in conveniently small plastic containers or boxes in different sizes, shapes and colors. The reason is simple – you simply seal it well and toss it into your bag without having to worry about damaging the packaging (or your food!). You definitely couldn’t do the same with a glass container!
Convenience of use – easy to carry
Plastic containers are so convenient to use in packaging largely because they don’t weigh much and don’t break easily. We often use plastic jars and containers or baskets to store clothes, books and other items at home. We also stack similar weighted plastic containers on top of each other without any additional worry of causing damage to the containers. Thick plastic containers ­ which are often used for home­storage purposes ­ last longer. Takeaway containers, on the other hand, are lightweight, portable and convenient. Portability is one of the main factors for a steady demand of plastic containers.
Save money
If you’re placing bulk orders and you need to save money, there’s no better choice of packaging material than plastic. Plastic is cheap and a common storage material. It’s produced in large quantities, which helps in lowering the cost of production and ultimately reduces the amount you need to spend for buying plastic packaging, so is an extremely cost effective option. For everyday use, plastic containers, bottles and jars make an excellent storage alternative.
In order to be completely safe and fit for use, in particular for storing food items, plastic has to adhere to certain standards set by the authorities. Food grade plastic containers help in keeping the product protected as it travels to its final customers. Plastic jars, containers or bottles meant for drugs packaging or for use in the pharmaceutical industry must meet regulatory requirements. Plastic packaging should be completely safe for use and must protect the product from leaking, so you can rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.