Plastic pill containers or pill bottles: smart, functional and suitable for various uses. They play a major role in packaging products, and we have an abundance of plastic pill containers at home, but what happens when their primary objective is fulfilled? For those that simply throw them away, think again; plastic pill containers have a range of other daily uses, saving you money in the long run. Try some of these great ideas for reusing your leftover packaging.
Gardeners Delight
Avid gardeners can use plastic pill containers to help keep seeds and fertilisers well organised. Store all your seeds safely throughout the winter in these plastic pill containers and jar. Simply collect seeds as you would normally as the growing season comes to an end and place them in pill bottles for later use.
Great Toolboxes
Is your garage overflowing with tools that are just scattered around? Managing your tools can be a bit of a daunting task, but all you need is a toolbox, and if you’ve got an empty plastic pill container lying around, you’re all set. Just put all those spare screws, nuts and bolts into a pill container, close the lid and everything’s sorted! As it’s made from plastic, your toolbox is sure to last a long time.
Interesting Ice Packs
You can effortlessly make mini ice packs with leftover pill containers and pill jars. Simply fill the pill containers with water and put them in the freezer. Perfect for impromptu picnics and packed lunches, these bottles turned ice packs can also be used for keeping your frozen goods cold on the home from the supermarket.
Kitchen Storage
Empty glass pill bottles or plastic pill containers are ideal kitchen storage for bulk items such as tea and spices. Wholesale prices allow you to purchase pill bottles at a cheaper rate, so you’ll never run out of storage. These airtight containers are highly functional and easy to use, and a great alternative storage option.
Car Kit
Save money on by creating your own emergency car kit with empty pill bottles. Keep loose change, plasters, chewing gum, mints and other useful items in one convenient place in your car, so you’ve got them to hand when needed.
By using your creativity and imagination, you can use empty pill containers, jars and bottles in any way you like! They offer so much more than just packaging options, so make the most of yours and get inventing!