The cosmetic packaging industry is said to be one of the most popular and vibrant, where innovations are constantly taking place. Diversified packaging trends, with changes primarily in packaging material, are now a common feature. The cosmetic packaging market has huge potential and is expected to undergo huge growth in the next few years.

Cosmetic packaging takes various forms and designs. Some of the most common cosmetic packaging materials are metal, plastic, glass and paper, but global demand for the most cutting edge packaging materials and types of packaging differs depending on age group and location.

Cosmetic packaging includes dispensers, jars and containers, bottles, tubes, sticks and much more. Here are some common types of cosmetic packaging that enjoy worldwide demand.

Lipstick Tubes

Lipsticks are a must have in most makeup bags, and when packaged well, successful sales are usually guaranteed. Generally packaged in tubes, lipstick and lip gloss packaging is convenient to use and easy to apply. These tubes are generally made of plastic or metal material, or a combination of both. The tubes are easily twisted so that the product is pushed up for quick application and twisted back down to keep protected when not in use. Available in a variety of styles and colours, lipstick cases can be used for a wide range of lip care products and can be reused for a number of purposes.

Compact Containers

Compacts are a unique type of small sized container, designed to hold cream or powder. These distinctive containers are made of plastic or glass, with a mirror typically embedded in the top portion of the container, which aid users in applying the product. Compact containers normally have a space inside for a small brush or sponge, as the packaging is designed and manufactured in such a way to ensure that the user has everything inside the container required for applying the cream or powder. Their convenient small size means they are ideal for slipping into your bag.

Roller Balls and Spray Bottles

The perfume packaging industry is one of the largest in the cosmetic world, and is one of the most evolving industries. Roller balls are a special type of cosmetic packaging mainly used to package deodorant and perfume. Roller balls are placed in containers that are usually the same size as tubes used for packaging lipstick. Typically made of plastic, glass or metal, the container tip has a ball – the roller ball – that comes into contact with the product stored in the container and can be easily rolled on the skin, transferring the product from the ball to the skin.

Spray bottles of varying sizes and shapes are also a popular form of packaging for storing perfume and body sprays. To make expensive perfumes more affordable for the mass market, they are often packaged in smaller bottles for more economical pricing, providing an alternative to larger perfume bottles.

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