Precautions to Use Sprayers

Sprayers are an important device which helps in spraying liquid for specific purposes. Trigger sprayers are highly popular in the agricultural sector where they are used to apply fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to the crops to get rid of unwanted pests. Trigger sprayers are available in different sizes and typically includes the most common spray guns.

Any trigger sprayer is convenient use but users are always advised to use them safely and in the proper way, so that there is no liquid seepage from the trigger spray area which can come in contact with the skin and cause harm. A trigger spray is easily available in most stores but needs to be bought after good analysis and scrutiny, ensuring it is free from any kind of damage.

Here are some safety tips before using the spray trigger or while buying trigger sprayer for your use.

Are you using the right trigger sprayer?

Garden sprayers are commonly used to apply fertilizers, horticultural oils or fungicides to plants to control pests and damage. Before you start using your trigger sprayer, ensure that you are using the right one or the one which is designed for spraying liquid treatments on agricultural plants. Products which can be used in sprayers can be in liquid, powder or in granules. Liquid treatments need to be premixed while granules are water soluble. Powders can be easily water soluble. All these factors which help in determining the type of trigger spray you choose. If you buy the wrong one, it might not work well or cause seepage or can harm you.

Is the size right?

Trigger sprayersare available in a large number of sizes and you just cannot use anyone. Depending on the purpose of use, you need to make a selection. You need to have answers to questions like ‘how big is your garden’ or ‘how many tomato plants you need to treat’. What happens when you do not use the right size? If you are using a bigger one than you actually need, it will cause difficulty in spraying and in a bid to get the treatment liquid up to the nozzle, you might tend to bend it, shake it or tilt it. This is not safe, keeping in mind the contents of the sprayer.

Is everything organic?

We all know the importance of organic and inorganic products. If you are using inorganic as well as organic treatments in your garden, you should never use the same spray trigger. You need to designate one trigger spray for organic products and one for inorganic or synthetic products. This is important because fertilizer residues tend to stick on the surface of these triggers and these are extremely difficult to remove. If you are using inorganic and organic products in the same trigger sprayer, you are unknowingly mixing both of them. Synthetic products will not be much influenced but your organic fertilizer or treatment will get completely contaminated without your knowledge.You will be happy about your organic produce but which is not the reality in actual case.

Are you cleaning the sprayer well?

One of the most commonly ignored safety precautions related to trigger sprayers is about their cleanliness. If you have not used your trigger spray for a long time, do not fill in anything after you have cleaned it well. Unwanted pests might just creep in without your knowledge. Not just this, once you have used the sprayer, you need to clean it well. All you require to do is spray some stream of water and shake it well. It will remove all unwanted pests inside the sprayer and will make it fit to use.

Is the nozzle working right?

Trigger sprayer nozzle is easily adjustable and this is where you need to be careful. If the spray has not been in use for long, the nozzle might get damaged.  Not just this, once you have poured in the ingredients, check if the trigger sprayer is spraying just as the way you wish. There are trigger sprayers which produce a fan shaped spray, or just spray a steady stream, sometimes as mist or are just for plant undersides – you need to check this out before you start using the spray trigger. This will prevent all wastage and save your money.

Do you know about the spray range?

Before using the spray trigger ensure you are aware about the range of the spray. How far do you need to stand when spraying so that the liquid is not in contact with your skin. Going to close or getting too far away is not going to help. In most cases these devices can be used to treat just two or three plants at the same time but still there is no harm in testing the range before you start using it.Trigger sprayers are extremely useful devices which need to be handled with care and used properly for the best results.