Private label products refer to those products which are manufactured by one particular company and are offered under the brand name of another company. These private label products are now available in several industries which include food to cosmetic industry and even web hosting companies. These are in huge demand and are popular all over the world, which explains the sudden boom in manufacturers of labels for these products. The need as well as use of these private product label products has increased by leap and bounds in the last few years and is expected to rise further in the next few years.

Importance Of Product Labels

Product labels give the first impression about the product and have immense effects in promoting the product and creating a market of its own. We all know that first impression is often the lasting impression; hence it is important that the first impression is good enough to influence the customers. Packaging and labeling plays a significant role in determining the buying decision of customers.

Companies need to ensure that the product label is attractive enough to catch the fancy of customers. This is especially more important for private label products which need to look attractive. Here are some ways to make product labeling significant enough to catch the fancy and attention of customers.

Use of Attractive Colors

Statistics reveal that at least 53% products are bought on impulse. The label is said to be the very first salesperson which talks a lot about a product and does a lot of promotion on its own, without any additional effort. In this age of such great competition, the product label acts as the cover of book that gives an idea of what lies inside. Vibrant, smart and distinct colors are far more effective in catching the fantasy of buyers than a light colored, less attractive label or packaging. Professional looking packaging and good labeling speaks volumes about products and plays an important role in what customers perceive about a specific product. Product label manufacturers need to decide on the color combination or use of colors after considering many factors. It is good to do a bit of market research before deciding on the color which should be used or the color which will represent the product in the best possible way. Product label manufacturers should always use the best quality color label printer so that they are able to print colors that are of the best quality. Many good quality label printers are available which print bright and beautiful colors, saturated colors which catch the fantasy of anyone and add a professional touch and feel to the printing.

Use of Photos

Product label manufacturers usually know the industry in which a particular label will be used. Based on that specific knowledge they can use bright, good quality photographs in the product label. This makes the label attractive, draws attention and adds value to the product label. Full color, bright photos can actually convey a lot about the quality of product that is packed inside. This is especially the case when products are sold or these are stocked in big cartons or on big containers. Good quality photographs can be used to show off furniture, electronics and even cosmetics, making the products attractive and good looking.

Use The Right Material

Product label material plays an important role in how the ultimate product looks and how the customers get the right information from it. The labeling material should be of premium quality – it can be matte, vintage or can have a glossy finish which will help in differentiating it from several other labeled products that are so easily available. Material can be chosen as per the type of product, the distance it needs to be transported and the purpose of the product use. Product label manufacturers usually have several options that help their products to stand apart from the tough competition.

Use Seasonal Labels

If you are using seasonal products, or products that are available at a discounted price in a season or during a particular season, it is good to have seasonal labels. These seasonal labels are quite significant, these are attractive and the customer gets a feeling of buying something that is really specific and designed for that particular time. This kind of product labeling helps them in getting into the mood of a holiday, good times, festivities or seasonal flavor. Such labeling is a good change from the normal product labels that we usually get to see.

Product label is quite significant and is one of those factors which can never be ignored. It is as important as the product packaging – in fact, it is equally important as the packaging, more so because it conveys a lot about the product ingredients and other important factors related to the product.