With almost 20 years’ experience in creating trigger sprayers and pump dispensers, Guala Dispensing prides itself on innovative, high quality, accurate dispensing solutions and continues to supply products that satisfy their customers and cater to a variety of markets. But with so many plastic trigger sprayers and pump dispensers on the market, why is Guala Dispensing such a global success?
The products
Both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, Guala Dispensing supplies a variety of trigger sprayers and one unique pump dispenser.
The trigger sprayer range has been designed with varying customer needs in mind, allowing you to choose the right option that will offer the maximum benefit for your specific spraying requirements.
Key features of the trigger sprayers include nozzles for every application; locking devices; unique fitting onto the bottle; shelf impact and superior performance. The variety of nozzles – from fine sprays to foam applications – combined with improved ergonomics, powerful aesthetics and choice of colour allows you to customise your product to appeal to your market.
As the range has evolved throughout the years, the latest product – the TS5 sprayer – features an innovative, compact design and an all-plastic engine that has the ability to dispense aggressive chemicals. Its multifunctional use makes it compatible for industrial markets as well as general household products. With experience in such a wide variety of markets, Guala Dispensing is the obvious choice of supplier.
A proven record: 3 billion+  sales
Convenience and safety are two of the main reasons consumers choose to use trigger sprayers. You want a product that delivers an accurate spray without dripping all over the floor. Guala Dispensing considers their products to revolutionise spraying, and it’s not hard to see why their trigger sprayers offer superior performance.
With no dripping and a uniform spray, Guala Dispensing has cracked the key to a successful trigger sprayer: a high quality product that reduces waste is more cost effective for consumers, and with over 3 billion sales of the TS3 trigger sprayer worldwide, you know you’re onto a winner with Guala Dispensing trigger sprayers!
Order your trigger sprayers
Guala Dispensing products are available to purchase wholesale directly from All In Packaging (AIP). For small orders you can also browse through our extensive range of thousands of high quality products, including a wider variety of  trigger sprayers and pump dispensers that we proudly supply.
With customer support in over 10 languages, a dedicated sales department and free shipping on orders over £160, it couldn’t be easier to place your order with All In Packaging.
Our work doesn’t stop there: our premium services include product and label design and logistics solutions, so we can follow through with all aspects of your product, helping to turn ideas into a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.