Trigger sprayers are extremely popular devices used mainly for the practical packaging of household chemicals, car care liquids, cleaning detergents and gardening additives.

Thanks to their easy handling feature, hundreds of producers from the above mentioned industries prefer to sell their products with trigger sprayer heads instead of normal caps. Trigger sprayers are highly user friendly, as they provide the quick and easy application of liquids onto targeted surfaces. A widely popular device, it’s likely you have at least one product at home with a trigger sprayer head. A well-designed trigger sprayer with an ergonomic shape can increase the user experience.  

Types of the trigger sprayers

Sprayers are differentiated by type: sprayer, foamer, stream and foam, and industrial sprayers.  Sprayers spray outwards the liquid contained in the bottle. A foamer creates foam from the liquid contained in the bottle and sprays this foam, shooting it onto a surface. The stream and foam type combines the characteristics of both a sprayer and a foamer, whilst industrial sprayers usually spray bigger doses of fluid.

Parts of the trigger sprayer

It’s not just the trigger, or the pump inside, that make the trigger sprayer a success. The nozzle is an equally significant part, as it’s this that determines spraying patterns, such as spraying in a wider or narrower radius, and shooting or creating foam.

The trigger body, on the other hand, determines the profile, appearance and marketing value of the trigger. Trigger bodies can have an ergonomic shape and can even be labelled to allow products to be branded and personalised.

Trigger sprayers don’t just sell with packaged liquids: empty trigger sprayers with bottles are also popular. During the hot summer months, the demand for empty trigger sprayers increases as they provide a great way to spray water on ourselves, keeping us cool and refreshed. No matter where you are – either lying in the garden or sunbathing beside the sea – people are regularly using them to cool down.

With several advantages to using trigger sprayers, the only thing that may cause a headache for users is if the trigger sprayer doesn’t work properly, which can easily happen if purchasing low quality trigger sprayers. At All in Packaging you can find a huge selection of high quality trigger sprayers – with or without a bottle! We offer excellent products from top manufacturers, as well as outstanding services, on the All In Packaging web shop.