Today’s packaging market developments, with ever changing trends, mean packaging developers and manufacturers always need to be a step ahead of the game. Despite the need for innovation and creativity, an area that sometimes lags behind is size options, with some brands and their products offering little variety in terms of packaging sizes. Varying customer needs and demands mean a desire for different size options in packaging – from small sizes for convenience to larger size packaging for those buying in bulk.

Customer satisfaction is essential for success, and updating your product packaging range to include a wider variety of size options is a clever way of attracting – and satisfying – both new and old customers.

You may find that you have customers who like your product, but don’t like the size of packaging it’s sold in. Consider this scenario: Your shampoo product is sold in plastic bottles of 500ml and over. You have a customer who loves the shampoo – it’s their favourite, most trusted product – but they’re going away for the weekend and don’t have space to take the 500ml bottle it’s sold in. They look for a smaller bottle, but there isn’t a smaller size on offer, so they purchase a different shampoo from a competitor brand in a 200ml bottle.

More sizes; more sales

Situations like this can be avoided by launching your product in smaller sizes: for products normally sold in large amounts, offering smaller options can be a smart and easy way to reach new audiences who are looking for a more conveniently sized product. Similarly, moving from exclusively large size product packaging to include smaller portions is a great way to break into markets such as travel packaging. During summer months, many customers look for handy and lightweight cosmetics to take on trips away. Selling your products in smaller sizes is a clever way to increase sales, as travel size products can be easily transported, providing a convenient option for customers.

New audiences

Alternatively, it’s common for customers to want to be able to buy products in bigger amounts, so refreshing your range to include larger size options for products usually only available in smaller size packaging, is a way to reach customers who may previously have rejected your products for being too small. Larger size product packaging can also often prove a more cost-effective purchase for customers.

Updating your product range to include more packaging sizes enables you to reach a larger audience. Customers have more choice, making your products more accessible and more appealing. Although creating new sizes can be a slightly expensive process, the affordable prices of packaging available from All In Packaging, combined with the increased custom and sales it can bring, makes refreshing your product packaging sizes a great return on investment.