The countdown to Christmas has unofficially started, and for the retail industry this means the run up to one of the peak selling seasons of the year. Keeping up with the latest market developments and trends is vital to staying relevant in the packaging industry, and for big retail brands at Christmas, this means seasonal merchandise.

If you have a successful product, why alter the product itself, and not just the packaging? This festive season, consider reinventing your product packaging and labels to create products that stand out.  

Why Refresh Packaging and not Just Create New Products?

Updating your product packaging and labelling is a quick and easy way of modernising your product and improving sales while staying relevant to the market. Familiar packaging can grow stale quickly, and in the lead up to Christmas, when brands go all out to attract all-important sales and with so many products on the shelves, making sure your products stand out and appeal to customers is essential.

Often cheaper than creating new products, which require designing and manufacturing as well as producing packaging, refreshing your product packaging guarantees that customers receive a product they love, in packaging that is relevant to the time of year. Customers like to purchase products that connect them to the latest events and current seasons, with most expecting festive packaging in the run up to Christmas in particular. Use the festive season to your advantage and customise your packaging and labels to reflect key market trends and meet customer expectations.

By making simple changes to the creative design of packaging, you can offer something unique, exclusively for the Christmas season. Seasonal limited edition packaging makes products feel extra-special, and as they are limited, customers tend to purchase more quickly to ensure they receive a sought after, limited selection product. Updating your packaging to coincide with the festive season can have a huge impact on product visibility and sales. A well loved, tried and tested product with limited edition Christmas packaging can make a fabulous gift for friends and family.

Design Christmas Must-Have Products

Many brands cash in on the advantages that refreshed product packaging and labels for the Christmas season bring. Cadbury Chocolate sells their most popular chocolate bars in a specially designed festive selection box. Each box contains the same products sold throughout the year, but in new packaging. Similarly, the Starbucks red ‘Christmas cups’ are a best seller, and for many signal the start of the Christmas season. Although the drink itself is the same as usual, the packaging is designed and updated exclusively for Christmas – the same goes for many of their other products, like coffee beans.