Successful products can remain on the shelves for years. Whilst the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, in an ever changing market, familiar packaging can quickly grow stale. Whilst not always necessary, updating your product’s packaging can be a quick and easy way of modernising your product and improving sales.

Consumers are constantly looking to follow new trends with packaging that is both innovative and functional, whilst still being cost-effective. Refreshing your packaging is a great way of keeping up with market developments and therefore customer needs and demands. Simple changes to packaging such as using eco-friendly materials, or creative designs, can have a huge impact on product visibility and sales as customers flock towards the best and most recent packaging.

An example of how you can revive your packaging to follow key market trends is upcoming summer sporting events. With the Olympic Games right around the corner, many brands will be looking to cash in on the success and popularity of such a big event. Simply updating and customising the packaging or labelling of an already popular product by bringing out creative designs highlighting the Olympics, for instance, allows you to reach out to sports-interested consumers looking to purchase memorabilia. Customers are quick to purchase products that reflect the latest crazes as a way of feeling more connected to an event, so updating your packaging to coincide with such events can be a great way to maximise profits.

Although updating your packaging can be a more expensive option, consider the return on investment if the refreshed packaging sells more products, both by drawing in new customers and attracting regular customers who don’t recognise the product as one they already have.  

Good packaging can sell your brand with minimal effort, building your brand reputation and helping to attract new customers. With so many products on the market, brands need to stand out from the crowd and be able to quickly react to competitors. Updating your packaging offers a solution to this, allowing you to use modern designs to attract new customers, lead the market and increase sales.

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