Packaging developers need to keep changing concepts, designs and ideas in packaging with time lest risk being left in the dust. People are constantly looking forward to new trends, better functionality and greater convenience in their packaging. Remember, even the slightest change in packaging makes a huge difference in your sales. Innovation, creativity and trends should be well combined to design the best packages for products. Packaging developers should stay updated about market developments and always try to understand what customers need and implement any advantages in the designing process.

Are you a developer and wondering what differences you can make? Stay tuned to understand a few new concepts to help you help your customers enjoy a better product.

Why Keep It Fresh?

Innovation and changes, as per the latest trends, are essential to keep your customers satisfied. Remember, people are always looking forward to something new and possessing better functionality, and yet it all must still be really cost effective. Packaging developers and their entire industry must continue to move towards innovative design solutions and sustainable, eco-friendly packaging materials.

Trends in Confectionary and Candy Packaging

Sweets packaging uses different kinds of films or a similar wrapping or bagging for different product sizes, flavors and customers. There might be a difference based on the countries where it is being served, too. Companies can benefit if they choose a generic standard film on their products as they will be differentiating each product with the information that is printed on it. This can be done instead of using previously printed film and if inline printing is done, it might help in reducing excess pre-printed film inventory.

Employing Symbols with Packaging

The Symbols Function, available in Illustrator, is a great tool for packaging developers. Singular images are usually self-contained instances of different elements of any artwork which can be easily and quickly reused offering simplicity and efficiency in labeling.

Packaging Boxes Aren’t Basic

Selecting a trendy, smart and convenient box is vital and keep in mind that it will also be cushioning the product and ensuring its complete safety. This box should be covered or surrounded with packaging material on all sides and have a good label, which will have the return address, too. Such packaging is now increasingly made from environmentally friendly material or products that can be easily recycled. Recycled material use is now trending and it’s available in a number of styles and shapes that can be used for different kinds of products. Manufacturers should start increasing eco-friendly or green packaging material to ride the wave of popularity or risk loss of business. Such packaging material is preferred among customers as it shows the company indeed cares about the environment.

Product Expansion Are Required

Packaging developers must consider product expansions, which should easily grow into more varieties when packaged well. Suppose you are packaging ketchup; you will not actually include a tomato in the design of this specific jar since it will not help in expansion. If your ketchup is then successful, you can easily expand to different other condiments such as BBQ sauce or a hot sauce using the same shape and it wouldn’t be weird. Thus, if you have a flexible and unique packaging design, expansion easy, fast and you remain a step ahead in building a really successful brand.