How many times have you asked for a product and decided to think again about buying it or not, after having a look at its horrible or ridiculous packaging? Or have you been stunned by excessive ridiculous plastic packaging of a product? Both of these are totally unacceptable to a customer and can actually be a cause of customer dissatisfaction. In spite of such serious consequences of such strange packaging, there are still many manufacturers who indulge in this kind of packaging.

Customers often talk about strange or ridiculous packaging solutions and vent their anger in social media sites ( quite common these days) about companies indulging in such practices. This can be totally annoying. A customer once complained in a social networking website about a packaged shell which had such a tough protective packaging that even sharp or very sharp scissors could not cut through. Do packing supplies companies realize that their packaging can actually be ridiculous?

Individually wrapped food products can also be quite annoying and time consuming to unpack, not to mention about the wastage of packaging materials and thinking about the money spent. It makes us wonder, if the company actually even thinks about environment?

As if things were not enough, in a certain case, a ridiculously bad plastic packaging was so dangerous and life threatening that the customer almost stabbed himself, while trying to unpack headphones, which were packaged in a dangerous plastic container!

What About Overpackaging – is that normal?

You have bought a pen drive and it arrives in a huge plastic packaging. Isn’t that irritating – layers of boxes or packaging material ensuring the safety of such a small product? Well, we all know that packaging is extremely important for safe delivery but that does not imply layers of material. A good protective package meant to transport the specific product would have worked well for the product. Too much of packing can cause huge problems for the customer.

Such ridiculous packaging solutions offered by packing supplies providers or companies is truly frustrating for customers who have to tear through layers of boxes or endless packaging material or foam and finally get a tiny product. Think about a huge gift you receive and holding all your excitement and with all excitement you start unpacking till you have reduced the size of your packaged gift – is that a pleasant experience for anyone?

If you are lucky enough not to experience such kind of ridiculous packaging solutions, here are some examples of ridiculous packaging.

Individually Packaged Prunes

We all know that prunes are rich in antioxidants; these are tasty and extremely healthy. However, individually wrapped prunes look funny and are sometimes difficult to carry too, not to mention the time consumed in carrying individually wrapped packaged and discarding them. These will certainly look good in sealed bags in which they can be rinsed and reused too.

Individual Bananas Wrapped In Plastic

Bananas have a natural thick skin and normally do not require much of an additional packaging. What if you get individually packaged plastic wrapped bananas? The packaging organization claimed that such wrapping helps in keeping the bananas fresh for long which results in lesser food wastage. Customers were not too happy with this kind of packaging. Experts pointed that bananas had their own natural packaging which is most importantly biodegradable. Packaging supplies are of no use for bananas, no matter how good and effective they are, because bananas do not need such elaborate packaging solutions.

Individually Wrapped Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans in individually wrapped packages in countless flavors can be really confusing for customers. Pint size candies in individual packages look funny and are extremely frustrating for customers. Jelly beans wrapped in individual packages are a complete waste of packaging supplies which cost dearly to manufacturers.

Pre-Packaged Corns

Pre-packaged corns are ridiculous and can be really frustrating for everyone who loves natural products and freshness. Plastic packaging for corns – no one actually wants those! If potatoes are pre- packaged, we know that after their harvesting, these are rinsed and sent to the market where they are generally covered with extra packaging for convenience. It might not be so surprising for the customers. However, with corn, its natural covering or packaging has to be removed, rinsed well and then has to be covered with artificial packaging. Is that needed? It is about some extra labor and costs. Moreover, customers are robbed off the natural connection of what they have.

It is difficult to explain the reasons of such ridiculous plastic packaging or too much use of packaging supplies and what the packaging companies desire to achieve, with so much extra packaging! However, this kind of plastic packaging is harmful for the environment, is a complete waste of packaging supplies and money – it needs to be stopped immediately.

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