There is plenty of noise regarding brand packaging, cost of such branded packing supplies and whether brand packaging plays any role in adding value to a product. There is a lot of debate on whether customers are actually interested in branded packaging or they are just concerned about quality maintenance of their product during delivery period.

Many argue that branded packages are all about inflated pricing, using expensive packing supplies and packaging material – if same quality is maintained at a lesser price, customers would definitely be happier, since they are not interested in brand packages. Is brand packaging still important – is it justified?

Why can’t we think about simple packaging solutions as a silent salesperson? Brand packaging need not always be expensive, need not always use expensive packaging materials and offer expensive packaging solutions. Packaging is actually all about helping the sales of a product and helping it reach its market.

Expert believe that good packaging materials and options offered by top packaging solutions providers is more about a good brand experience and not just selling product in a box. Brand packaging is all about designing and then producing a product in a package which actually sells.

Brand packaging is basically about a few basic principles which needs to be fully understood to understand the importance and role of brand packaging for your products.

Low Cost Packaging 

Brand packaging does not focus about low cost packaging and using comparative inexpensive material like plastic packaging. Its main focus is maintenance of product quality and delivery of the same quality to customers. It is about maintaining the brand identity, brand reputation and brand credibility by offering optimum services through excellent solutions. It focuses on providing quality experience for the users with its packaging solutions.

It is often seen that packaging is considered to be an additional cost and there is an immense temptation to minimize it as much as possible. However, brand packaging is considered to be a critical part of product as well as brand experience. There are several companies who actually do not understand the relationship between clients and its product experience as well as packaging. Packaging has to be completely in line with the total brand experience, which needs to strike a chord and then echo a very consistent brand image.

It is not related to sales Growth

Many believe that packaging, whether it is plastic packaging or other effective packaging solutions is mainly for increased in sales. However, sales are no way an indicator of a very successful brand image. Sales growth does not happen with good packaging but it happens only with the building of a loyal customer base. This can be achieved by engaging target market well which is possible through good customer interactions.

What if your packing supplies used or packaging is inconsistent with what your brand promises? In such a case, your brand reputation will be at stake. In this, case bad and inconsistent packaging does affect your sales and future growth. It does not create an engaging brand experience and does nothing to build customer loyalty.

Good brand packaging is considered to be a good opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors. It needs to be understood that your sales will definitely not improve or grow when you choose to put your product in a box and deliver it to your customers. Good packaging solutions are essential and quite critical when you are thinking about communicating about your brand.

How does a product work? Is it just about creating an extremely high quality product, packaging such a product and then hoping to sell it to retailers? The fact remains that this does not happen in reality though theoretically this is often possible. If you are creating a good specialty product and you are packaging it in a shabby way, it will convey a completely different story to your customer. It will never be attractive; they will never believe that a specialty product exists inside such poor packaging. Your customers are communicated the wrong side of the story and before even using your product, they are definitely going to write it off.

On the contrary, if you have a smart design which looks professional, it will definitely communicate a good story and will be consistent with your brand image. Customers will show keen interest in buying the product and buying more of in the later period. Companies need to remember that customers usually get their first and often the lasting impression, when they see a product for the first time and this opinion is mainly formed after they have a look at its packaging.

Remember your customers are never able to touch, smell or even taste your product when they see it and this happens only when they buy it and bring it home. They will only buy your product, when they will love what they see. Packaging truly works as a silent salesperson.

So, will you still say that packaging solutions are not important?

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