Roll-on packaging, in the form of roll-on containers, is an inexpensive and a convenient way to offer upscale, protective packaging for products. With specially made roll-on boxes or roll-on packaging, it is now possible to safeguard bottles and boxes from damage or contamination. This special kind of roll-on packaging is of high quality which does not bend, tear or rip easily. Generally, most roll-on packaging does not require gluing or cutting, though a lot depends on the product being packaged. Roll-on packaging is also said to be an economical form of packaging which offers amazing benefits.

How does roll-on packaging help?

Well, its functioning is quite similar to the functions of a rubber band. You need to stretch it out a bit. With a large quantity of leftovers, there is lots of resistance. Now, if you stretch this rubber band as much as you can without snapping, it offers great benefits.
Roll-on packaging in the form of pre-stretched films offer great packing material for any kind of packing. If a pre-stretched film is stretched a lot and if close to the break point, before it is wound into rolls to be used later, this implies that this specific film will not need much of stretching energy, just as any standard stretch film achieves with the same kind of wrapping force. This is one of the main reasons why such pre-stretched packaging films are highly popular as hand wraps. In fact, research has revealed that there is more scope of machine applications and load stability with such packing.

Better Support

With roll-on packaging, users get all benefits of using any pre-stretched film. This means there is less physical energy needed and there is better control with greater load stability.

Cost Effective

Roll-on packaging is cheaper than other similar kinds of packaging material or than a traditional stretch film. Pre-stretched film consumption is generally lesser than the stretch films which were generally used in packing products. Thus, there is always better savings. If you are looking for cost-effective reliable packaging, by using roll-on packaging, you can enjoy as much as 25% on your packaging budget.

Less Wastage

Roll-on packaging means less wastage and better savings. There is rolled edges which can be easily used and not cut off, unlike other forms of packaging. With rolled edges and air blown into the roll, there is a lot of extra support around the middle of roll, which means better performance. With both these features, it is totally impossible to damage roll edge. If you have ever used traditional stretch film rolls, you will agree that they are often thrown away, since they generally tend to get damaged as the user drops them and the edge is damaged.
Last, but not least, it is always easy to apply roll-on packaging. This material is lighter when compared to others, but is usually double its strength. It offers great packaging solutions for every kind of business.