Every parent knows that when it comes to childproofing your house, nothing can be overlooked. Childproofing your home is an important step in keeping your children safe, and for dangerous items such as medicines, it’s vital. Luckily, advances in the packaging industry have led to the creation of child resistant closures, enabling parents to have peace of mind when it comes to having potentially hazardous materials at home.

Child resistant closures, used most commonly in the pharmaceutical industry, are intended to reduce the risk of children swallowing dangerous items such as prescription and over the counter medicines, household chemicals and pesticides. Child resistant closures are regulated to ensure that children cannot open products such as these.

How they work

Also known as ‘special packaging’, child resistant closures can only be opened when a strong push and twist motion are applied simultaneously – packaging with such closures is often accompanied with the instruction to ‘push down and turn to open’. While easy for most adults, children struggle to open caps that require such coordination. The structure of child resistant caps essentially is the cap on top rotating on the cap beneath it, on the bottle. The rotation is blocked when the cap is pressed down, allowing the closure to be opened.

Perfect for pills

With the main intention being to prevent children from ingesting items that could cause them harm, child resistant closures are most often used on packaging that stores medicines. Pills can be stored safely inside a bottle and the bottle cap, with a child resistant closure, provides a guarantee that children will not be able to access the pills, therefore taking away the risk of swallowing and digesting. Similarly, manufacturers selling products such as bleach, pesticides and other hazardous chemicals can benefit from using child resistant closures on their packaging, as these are common items to have around the home that could pose a risk if easily opened by children. Giving your products an added safety feature can offer you an advantage in a competitive market, appealing to those looking for childproof items.

Where to buy

If you’re convinced of the importance of using child resistant closures, you can purchase them individually or with an accompanying container directly from All In Packaging. Our online web shop has a range of child resistant closures, in a range of styles and colours to suit your products, in both wholesale and small quantities. Safety is paramount for your products, so what better reason to use child resistant closures?