Many packaging items require two parts to function – a bottle or container, for example, with an accompanying lid. We often buy these parts separately when we need them, which may seem quicker, but isn’t ideal when you’re then stuck searching for the right sprayer for the particular bottle you’re using. This is where buying packaging in sets comes in handy.

A useful and convenient way of purchasing packaging materials, buying packaging in sets lets you be sure that all the parts of the packaging will fit correctly. Sets of packaging contain all of the parts necessary for functional packaging, so that if something is intended for use with a sprayer, then that sprayer, in the correct size, is enclosed in the set.

What Comes in Sets?

There are numerous packaging items that come in sets. Bottles with caps, tottles and tubes with caps, bottles with sprayers, bottles with pumps and containers with lids are just some of the possibilities on offer. With various product combinations available, there is a range of complex solutions to suit your packaging requirements, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

Stress-free and Convenient

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages to buying packaging in sets, with the main reason being that packaging sets save time. You’ll spend less time searching for the correct attachment for your bottle or container as you avoid the matching process, which has already been done for you. As the parts were sold together as a pair, you can be sure that they can be combined and will fit properly. Buying packaging in sets means that the functionality of an item will be as intended using the correct attachment required.

Buying packaging in sets also takes the stress away from choosing specific technical features e.g. the neck size, or preform type for PET bottles. Some products have special neck sizes that make them incompatible with other parts, so the need for the correct combination of parts is crucial for functional product usage. When you purchase packaging parts separately, careful attention must be paid to ensure technical parameters are appropriate. Buying in sets, however, removes this need, as the suitable packaging combination has already been selected.

How to Buy

Saving time, costs and removing the risk of purchasing an incorrect part, buying packaging in sets is an easy and useful way to purchase packaging materials to guarantee a good user experience and product functionality. Browse a range of packaging sets and make a purchase directly from the All in Packaging web shop, where you’ll find a variety of high quality packaging sets for all your needs.