Selecting the right product packaging material is often considered to be a daunting task, considering the number of factors which need to be

taken care of. While safety, product quality maintenance and keeping the packaged product in its original condition is of prime retention, cost factors, appearance and transportation problems cannot be ignored too. There are a number of things, a company needs to consider when selecting product packaging when selling.

Packaging for all products is not the same. Food packaging is obviously different from industrial packaging or cosmetics packaging. Different aspects need to be considered in every packing. Here are some facts which will help in selecting the right kind of product packaging for your business.

Marketing experts believe that entrepreneurs consider functionality primarily when selecting packaging products. There are different types of packaging material available, but entrepreneurs need to consider ‘barrier properties’ while selecting. What is this about? Well – this is the level of barrier provided by the material to oxygen, moisture, heat and water or anything which has the capability of damaging a product, which is packaged.

The next in consideration is the specification which needs to be focused on when thinking about shelf presentation, convenience in use and sustainability. Cost factors are also considered simultaneously before arriving at any decision. The best choice is one which is a good balance of different functions while not pinching the pocket. A bit of professional help from experts is definitely going to make things easy.

Packaging material is often decided by the customers who wish to get the product customized as per requirement. If not, manufacturers decide on packaging material after considering a number of things, since packaging material is what the ultimate customer gets to see. A good packaging, stylish pack and convenient to handle will definitely help in winning over your customer. While a flimsy package, unattractive wrapping and lack of security is simply going to ruin your entire marketing plans.

Some of the most common materials used in packaging are glass, fiber based materials, metallic materials, plastic and bio based products.

Selecting Glass as a packaging material

Glass is one of the most common packaging material but needs to be selected with care. It offers great protection to different products. It offers great protection to the content inside with a good barrier. It lacks all kind of taste and smell and is good in terms of health too. Being environment friendly, glass is a popular choice of many since it is easily recyclable. However, glass is heavy; it is fragile and need a lot of care. Thus, for all products which need good care and careful handling, glass should not be a choice, since it breaks easily and requires smart handling.

Selecting Metal As a Packaging Material

Metal packaging makes a great choice since it is strong and durable. Metallic packaging material includes steel, tin, aluminum and other products. This is mainly used for packing soft drinks, preserved food and many dry products which need good preservation and packing when travelling. Metal packaging material is often selected as it is environment friendly, it is recyclable and is easily permeable to light and gas. It is easily subjected to different temperature which makes it suitable for industrial packaging. Metal is quite ductile and offers great mechanical protection. However, one disadvantage of metal is it is dependent on soldering or folding. It is not transparent which means its content is not seen. This is one of the reasons why metal is not a choice in cosmetic packaging.

Fiber As A Packaging Material

Fiber packaging refers to common packaging materials like solid boards, corrugated boards, paper, cardboard and cellulose fiber which make great packaging base for travel and keeping it in great shape. This type of packaging is mainly used in a great combination with different kinds of plastic materials. Fiber packaging is highly resistant and is durable. It stays in the same condition for long which makes it highly suitable as a packaging material for delicate things. It is resistant to humidity too, keeping the packaged product in great condition for long. One big advantage of all fiber based packaging is that it is made using renewable materials which can be easily recycled.

Plastic Packaging

Today, major packaging is done with plastic packaging. Plastic has several possibilities and with its many variations it can be customized to be used for many different purposes. Plastic is selected when light packing is needed, when budget is a constraint and when durability is highly looked forward to. Moreover plastic packaging is cheap and is suitable for different purposes.

There are several types of packaging material available, but a choice needs to be made on the basis of budget, purpose and other important factors which cannot be ignored when selecting a packaging material.