Whether you’re moving to a new home or going on a long vacation, large-scale packing can be a great chore, but with a few clever tips and tricks, you can simplify and improve your experience. To help you live better, we have compiled a short list to make packing calmer and simpler.

Pack All Your Most Important Items in One Bag 

With all your essentials in a single place, it won’t be necessary to go through the trouble of unpacking a whole container just to find one item. Plus, it is a great way to ensure valuables like your laptop or jewels do not get misplaced or stolen during the move.  


Things like paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils should be placed in a clear plastic container to enable a quick look to see what’s inside and quickly remove if a need arises.

Label the Intended Room on All Boxes

With labels, arriving at your new home to unpack and distribute will occur in a much more organized way. Numbering boxes will also help you keep track of your things and will make it easier for you to confirm that no items were stolen or forgotten.

Pack Plates Vertically

There is an important reason why plates and vinyl records should be placed vertically; it makes them less likely to break.

Plastic Sheet to the Rescue!

When it comes to moving, the plastic sheet is your friend and can be used in a number of basic ways to make packaging easier. Cover the openings of your toiletries with a plastic sheet, and then return the tops. This way, the chances of them leaking and ruining your stuff is minimized. With drawers, keep items intact by sealing the top with plastic sheet.  You can also place it on your furniture to protect it from scratches or use it to keep your jewelry in one piece.

Get Creative                                                           

Books can be hard to move in cardboard boxes, so use beer boxes instead! Don’t forget to take a photo of how your electronics are connected, so you can remember how and where all the wires need to go. Make use of baskets, dustbins and suitcases for packing and cut down on the use of extra containers. Use sandwich bags to store small, easy to lose items, like screws, clips, or even jewelry. 

Try wrapping items in winter clothing. A triple whammy! This way, you get to pack your clothing, reduce the chance of broken items, and save on bubble wrap.

Get Help from Friends Or Hire Movers

Call up your friends to help you with the packing. After all, any extra hands always makes things easier. After the job is done, be sure to reward your friends by giving them the stuff you originally planned to sell or donate (but never cash; save that). 

Sometimes, it is better to get professionals involved, especially if many of your things are fragile and expensive. Although their service can be expensive, damage caused by improper packaging and handling can often be much more costly.