Booking into a hotel for a weekend away can be the ultimate luxury. Room service, fluffy robes and complimentary toiletries are all part of the hotel experience. Gone are the days of forgetting to bring shampoo and soap; today, complimentary toiletries in small bottles are an expected part of a guest’s hotel stay. Offering stylish, personalised small bottles for toiletries can be a great way to add the perfect touch to your services and stand out from the crowd in the competitive hotel industry.

You’d be hard pushed to find a hotel guest that doesn’t love the fact that complimentary toiletries are provided by the hotel industry. Perfectly sized for a weekend getaway, small bottles are ideal for storing liquids such as shampoo, shower gel and body lotion, for hotel guest use in travel size portions. With safe, durable small bottles ranging in size from 10ml to 50ml, you can choose the best size packaging for your products to offer guests a choice of toiletries.

Top promotional tool

An advantage of purchasing small bottles for use in the hotel industry is that they can be personalised using the All In Packaging labelling service. Bottles with striking, elegant labels can really add an extra element of luxury and exclusivity – important features for hotels looking to stand out! If you’re keen to use small toiletry bottles as a way of promoting your hotel and brand, hotel logos and other key information can be printed onto the bottles; an easy way to increase hotel exposure.

Many guests take these small bottles home at the end of their stay and bottles with labels provide a way for them to remember the hotel and their experience. Every bottle with a label on publicises your brand, so labelling can be a fantastic way of increasing hotel visibility, enabling you to further your brand value. Small bottles with labels are therefore not just a practical gift for

hotel guests: they also act as a top marketing tool.  

Opportunity for collaboration

As well as providing guests with convenient, travel size amenities, small bottles for shampoos, shower gels and lotions can be a great way for the hotel industry to work with top cosmetic brands. The opportunity for collaboration with luxury brands who produce toiletries is an exciting prospect for a hotel business looking for products to fill small bottles with. Teaming up with well-known brands to provide hotel bathrooms with the finest toiletries in small bottles can offer a unique selling point for your hotel, as well as building your reputation.

Small bottles, with a variety of attachable closures for different products, make the ideal packaging for toiletries in the hotel industry. Big enough to store a couple of days worth of shampoo, yet small enough to slip into a travel bag, small bottles allow hotel management to provide first rate services to hotel guests, whilst building brand reputation.

With a high quality range of small bottles and the possibility of printing hotel logos, alongside other premium services, the best place to start your search for small bottles for the hotel industry is All In Packaging.