Small glass bottles, in numerous shapes and sizes, are regularly seen around our homes. Used in packaging goods and for storing items at home, glass bottles have always enjoyed a steady demand, with certain products only able to be packaged in glass containers. Small glass bottles or small glass jars with lids are widely used to store edible products – such as spices, cereals and medicines ­ in airtight conditions to preserve freshness. Drinks packaging also make use of small glass bottles. With so many uses, small glass jars; containers and bottles store a diverse range of products, and there are a few reasons why small glass bottles continue to rule the packaging industry.
They look good
Small glass bottles are transparent and appealing. Visual products are tempting: showing consumers what’s inside the bottle helps instigate a purchase, as people like knowing what they will be getting when they buy a product. Small glass bottles are often used to package perfume as they can be given interesting and attractive designs, using bright, compelling and attractive perfume packaging so that customers choose a perfume first based on the design. Innovative glass bottle designs that look good can have a big impact on sales.
Safe to use
Using PVC is often associated with adverse health benefits and can be harmful for long­term use. This is where small glass bottles, mini glass jars and even glass containers differ. Glass packaging products are made using completely new, raw material. Glass is said to be the only packaging material that is said to be completely safe for use, especially for use in the food industry. Glass bottles or jars can preserve all products, maintaining freshness and taste, so when using glass bottles for storing your freshly made juice, for example, you can be sure that your drink is safe.
High sustainability
It’s often said that glass doesn’t die, as it can be again used to make a new product that will be equally useful and functional. Glass is one example of eco­friendly packaging. This is one reason why many manufacturers use glass packaging for their products: glass is completely recyclable. It can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality or purity to the material. Once recycled, the material recovered can be again used for making new glass bottles, jars and other glass packaging material – the possibilities are huge!
If you’re not convinced by now, further benefits of using glass bottles and jars include:
  • – Glass is nonporous. No chemical interaction takes place between the glass bottle and product stored inside the bottle, so your product stays exactly as you intended it.
  • – Glass bottles keep their content well protected from outside oxygen and moisture, therefore helping to increase the shelf life of products.
With so many benefits and a variety of uses, it’s not hard to see why glass bottles and jars have remained such a popular packaging choice! Glass could be the right solution for your packaging needs.