The industry is constantly evolving and customers are always looking for the newest trends, latest technology and most fashionable products. The ever-changing trends mean packaging manufacturers always need to be a step ahead of the game.

With so many products available for practically every need imaginable, in a saturated market, it’s important to attract, win and retain customers to ensure success and maximise profit. Just a few simple investments in your packaging can make the difference between products that are sought after, to products that aren’t seen.

Do Your Research

Market research is essential for success as a manufacturer, helping you to discover your customer and their needs and incorporating this information into your product. Before you finalise product design, get to know your market. Determine your target customer – industry, age and gender, for example. Learn about your target customers’ buying habits. You can then hone your product around your target customer and what they look for in packaging, so that when you eventually get to the shelves, customers won’t be able to resist your product. Market research helps packaging manufacturers to stay ahead of the game by creating products that are built around the customer, right from the get go.

Modern Designs Increase Sales

As the packaging industry develops, customers consistently want products that offer greater functionality whilst looking attractive and exciting. Unique products stand out from the crowd, so innovation and inventiveness in design is essential for manufacturers. Design aspects are constantly progressing, with shapes, colours and customised labels and printing all being integral parts of packaging design and manufacturing. Exciting, unusual and creative packaging can increase sales by enticing customers to purchase products at first glance.

Advances in packaging have also made custom designs a possibility. Personalised packaging has enabled brands to add more value to their products by offering something different to other products available, so for packaging manufacturers, creating customised packaging can win customers.

Interact with Your Customers

With the ability to customise labels and packaging, you can really set your product apart from the crowd. Manufacturers can make use of this design feature to provide interactive packaging through the use of labels, messages and printed information about the product. You could use the packaging to encourage feedback so that customers feel their opinion is valued. Interacting with your customers is essential for understanding customer requirements and keeping your products relevant.

Refresh Product Ranges

Refreshing your packaging, either through new labelling or new design, can be a great way to modernise your products while staying relevant to the market. Updating your packaging sizes, however, is an area that is sometimes overlooked, but can be a clever way of attracting and pleasing new and old customers. More size options appeal to a wider customer base – smaller, travel sized bottles for shampoo, for example, can be a great way of expanding into the hotel industry, which provide single use cosmetics. With a range of size options, products are more appealing and accessible as customers have more choice. Refreshed packaging and product ranges can offer a good return on investment as custom and sales should increase. You could also mix varying packaging sizes with a range of colours and shapes to give your products an extra edge.

New Trends

Staying ahead of the game in packaging means keeping up to date with the latest trends. With customers growing increasingly aware of the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, packaging has followed suit, with more and more manufacturers producing easily recyclable products that have a positive effect on the environment. Being able to adapt to the latest trends will benefit the success of your packaging.

Staying ahead of the game as a packaging manufacturer is vital for success. Take just a few of the above tips on board, and you’ll be well on your way to making sure your products are at the cutting edge of innovation.