During the warm summer months, staying hydrated is vital. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself hydrated is by drinking plenty of refreshing fluids, and small bottles are a cheap and convenient way to keep your fluids up.

Available in multiple sizes, depending on the volume of fluid needed, you don’t need to worry about having to carry 0,5l, 1l or 1,5l bottles with you; smaller sized bottles offer a much more practical solution for everyday use in the summer heat. Lightweight and portable, there are numerous benefits to using small bottles – both glass and plastic – to keep you and your family hydrated when the temperatures soar.

Suitable for travelling

Summer often means holidays, day trips and weekends away. Small bottles make the perfect choice for travelling as they easily fit into a handbag, making them the ideal choice for carrying with you without the inconvenience of an extra item to carry. Small bottles are also great for plane journeys: empty bottles can be taken with you through security and then refilled, meaning you won’t have to spend money purchasing bottles of water or other beverages at the airport.

Save on space

Unlike their larger counterparts, small bottles don’t take up much space and can be easily transported. With travel documents, cosmetics, electronics and other personal belongings to think about, the more space you can save in your bag, the better! Picnics are a great idea for a day out in summer, and as small bottles take up less room in the picnic basket, you can stock up on your favourite foods, knowing that you don’t have to compromise on staying hydrated, too. With bottles of different sizes available for storing water, juices and other beverages, there’s bound to be one that fits your space requirements.

Ideal for children

Making sure children are drinking water when it’s hot is so important, but bigger bottles can make this a bit tricky for smaller children. Small bottles, with narrower necks and mouths and lighter weight, are the perfect fit for small hands. Narrower mouths means less chance of spillages and small sizes make it easier for children to drink unassisted – or even to carry their own bottle when out and about this summer!

Handy small bottles mean it’s never been easier to stay hydrated! Small bottles in various materials are available online from the All In Packaging web shop. If you’re looking for a better way to store and carry your liquids this summer, you’ll find the perfect solution with a small bottle.