Quality Discount Packaging (QDP) is a concept from Nordtek, which aims to find a new way to use leftover packaging materials.

A Solution to Packaging Surplus

There is a huge need for the redistribution of surplus packaging. A lot of unnecessary waste in generated in the packaging industry, and surplus packaging is usually the result of product design changes and excess inventory that results in thousands of items of high quality packaging that is no longer needed by the owner. For businesses, surplus packaging can be a big problem.

QDP is a service that allocates excess, unused packaging from businesses that have too much packaging, to businesses that need packaging now. Untouched, high quality packaging can be purchased at discounted prices.  

A Win-Win for All

QDP is a win-win for all customers. Businesses have the opportunity to regain some investment on unused excess packaging by selling their surplus packaging materials through QDP, and businesses looking for quality packaging materials are able to purchase their required items at discounted prices. With no minimum order, and with both small and large quantities available, QDP is efficient and cost-cutting for everyone.

Environmentally Efficient

Rather than re-processing unused packaging materials, QDP finds buyers for redundant packaging. Surplus packaging items are still high quality and untouched, and would otherwise become waste products. At the same time, identical new packaging is created to meet customer demand for good packaging, using more resources and energy. QDP is a more environmentally friendly way to purchase the same packaging materials, as the production and processing stages are removed, reducing packaging waste emissions and lowering energy consumption, as well as cost. For most cases, all that’s involved in selling or purchasing via QDP is transport and storage.

Quality Discount Packaging is available to all suppliers looking to sell surplus packaging materials as well as those looking for high quality packaging at discounted prices. Easy and efficient, why not try QDP today?