Packaging surface design and labelling are important features that are constantly evolving. With the ultimate goal of packaging being to stimulate sales, packaging surfaces and labels can be employed and utilised in a variety of ways to encourage buyers to purchase a product.

Packaging designers and manufacturers spend a lot of time considering factors such as the shape, colour and size of packaging. Such thought goes into the overall visual impact of packaging, that it can be easy to overlook the actual surface of packaging and the opportunities for marketing and customer interaction that this space provides.

QR Codes

One clever way to make use of your packaging surfaces is to print QR codes directly onto the packaging or product label. A QR code is a matrix barcode that can be scanned and read by a smartphone camera, which then links to a website. The advantages of printing QR codes on packaging is that they provide instant access to your website and act as a way to engage and interact with your customers. With a quick scan, customers can be directed to a mobile-friendly webpage of your choice – ideally related to that specific product or a webpage that gives more detail about your brand.

For many industries, QR codes can be a way of standing out and promoting your brand more effectively, as they instantly allow customers to learn more about your brand and products. Importantly, QR codes have the potential to generate sales, highlighting how making the most of product packaging surfaces and labels can ultimately lead to an increase in sales and therefore revenue.

Stay Connected

Another possibility for packaging labels and surfaces is to have your social media handles, website, and email address printed on. By including your contact details, along with a call to action that asks customers to let you know what they think, you can communicate with your consumers. Not only does this show that you care about their opinion, but it also helps customers to feel involved in the product and trust you as a brand, allowing you to effectively market your products and business.

Build your Brand Image

Taking advantage of your product labelling and packaging surfaces can be a great way to give your brand a voice and build your brand image and reputation. Clever and successful brands use packaging and labels to sell themselves and offer customers packaging that is different and unique – something that stands out and attracts attention. Being able to develop a connection between brand and customer is essential, and building a voice through slogans and fun product information will help to develop this. Whether core company values, company logo or a key message is printed on the packaging, these all help in increasing your brand visibility and allow you to communicate with your customers through packaging and labelling.

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